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Case IH to AFBF Farmers: Read Your User Agreement on Data

If you’re the check-the-box-and-move-on type, consider adjusting your ways — especially when it comes to agreements that involve your agronomic data. What you learn when you look close may surprise you.

If you’re not clear about your precision-technology provider’s approach to data ownership,
it’s time to ask some tough questions.

Case IH long has been clear about its position on data ownership. Recently, Trevor Mecham, director of Precision Solutions & Telematics for CNH Industrial, reinforced our commitment during the 2015 American Farm Bureau national convention. He spoke about the future of Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), our position on agronomic data and the unique transparency we provide to our customers.

Data ownership and access is extremely important to Case IH. We created our own guiding principles, which are outlined in this brochure for AFS Connect. Case IH is a founding member of the Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA). We believe each farmer owns his or her data and is the sole decision-maker about what data can be shared with whom.

What is your precision-technology provider’s position? If you’re not sure or if their stance isn’t clear, here’s a list of six tough questions to ask your provider. If that discussion still leaves you wondering, we would appreciate the opportunity to share our commitment about how our clients’ data is managed.

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