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Case IH UAV Gives You In-field Data, in an Instant

Precision farming data gives you a different view of your operation. The latest precision solution from Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) provides a whole new perspective, instantly.

In collaboration with industry leader DroneDeploy®, the new Case IH UAV package features Fieldscanner for real-time mapping. Fieldscanner adds local processing on the drone and mobile device to deliver instant, in-field processing of drone imagery. That lets you quickly take the pulse of crop health and immediately begin uncovering opportunities — such as adjusting your fertilizer program or identifying insect pressure or weed escapes — even before the drone touches down.

Watch the video to learn how Fieldscanner can help you react faster to changes in your fields. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Fieldscanner creates a 2-D, low-resolution map you can view even before the drone lands — no laptop or data connection required.
  • It provides instant mapping for more-informed crop scouting.
  • It’s easy to use: Simply select the area you want to scout. The drone flies the field on its own, generating a real-time viewable map. Begin analyzing your field data immediately.
  • It does not interfere with the regular mapping process. You can upload imagery from a Fieldscanner flight to create an accurate, high-resolution 3-D model.
  • The beta version is compatible with the mobile iOS app; support for the Android app is anticipated for next season.
  • If you already own a Case IH UAV, you will gain access to Fieldscanner at no additional cost.

The Case IH UAV package with Fieldscanner is available now and includes the DJI® Phantom 4 Pro drone with RGB camera, a hard carrying case, an extra battery and one-year subscription to DroneDeploy software. This system makes it quick and easy to fly your drone, capture imagery, view and analyze maps with powerful filters, and then share those maps and insights with trusted advisers to immediately implement solutions. It’s the ultimate crop-scouting tool.

Now — whether in the cab or from the sky — you can instantly access more data to make better-informed management decisions that turn potential into profit. This new Case IH UAV package featuring Fieldscanner, along with the new AFS AccuStar GPS receiver and AFS AccuTurn automated headland turning, expands our full suite of precision farming offerings available across our entire equipment lineup.

Check out our UAV web page, and then talk to your Case IH dealer about all the ways Case IH AFS can help you farm more efficiently and make better, more timely decisions.


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