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Pre-owned Equipment

Looking to make some year-end purchases for your operation? Start by consulting your tax adviser or accountant to discuss how year-end equipment investments can benefit your bottom line. Next, check out offers from Case IH.


This spring’s weather challenges provided an excellent reminder about just how tight production windows can become. With the season fresh in our memories, it’s not too soon to think about how important fall tillage is to our cropping cycle and about how weather can squeeze that opportunity, too.


A high-performance combine is a valuable piece of equipment. Case IH Axial-Flow® 140 series combines hold that value better than any combine on the market.1


You’ve got a lot of important decisions to make at this time of year. When you determine an equipment addition or upgrade makes sense, Case IH Certified Pre-Owned might be the easiest decision of all.


There are several good reasons for, and strategies behind, farm equipment purchases. If you look ahead to harvest and then at market conditions and decide that pre-owned is the best way to meet your equipment needs, it’s important to buy carefully and consider Case IH Certified Pre-Owned. (more…)

Even if this is one of those planting seasons when soils warm quickly, breakdowns are rare and the rains come only when you’re ready for a break, you’ll likely feel squeezed at some point. Case IH Certified Pre-Owned* equipment can help relieve some of that pressure. (more…)

As the year winds down, the window of opportunity to impact your farm’s year-end tax liability closes. Fortunately, there’s still time to make adjustments. The resulting peace of mind can make your New Year’s celebration much more enjoyable. (more…)

As daylight saving time gives you an hour this weekend, it also reminds you the window for fall fieldwork is closing fast. If that’s cause for concern, consider an equipment upgrade. It won’t make your days longer, but it can help you get more done each day. (more…)

Fall is a rewarding time of year. But it’s hectic. And the pace seems to intensify every year as tillage and fertilizer applications become almost as important as getting the crop out. The right equipment can help you get it all done. (more…)

At this point in the growing season, you’re probably already thinking about harvest. If you’re concerned about how you’ll get the crop out, it’s a good time to evaluate your equipment needs. (more…)