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Combine Demonstrations Attract New Customers

Combine Product Specialist Corwyn Lepp helps dealers set up demonstrations for the new Case IH Axial-Flow® combines. In this guest post, he shares the positive comments he heard from those farmers. What features do you appreciate most about your Case IH combine? We’d like to know!

Prospective customers tried out the 7230 Axial-Flow combine, like the one shown here.

One of the things I enjoy doing in the fall is demonstrating our combines to the owners of competitors’ machines. The majority of the demos I did this year were with a Case IH Axial-Flow 7230 combine with a 40-foot 2162 TerraFlex™ flexible cutterbar draper header. It was very enjoyable to show some of the “green” customers what an Axial-Flow combine could do. During the demo, the Case IH dealer salesman and I would give the customer a “walk-around” to show the many features of the combine, such as the high-capacity feeder, high-capacity unload system, CVT drive system, direct drive to the jackshaft without any belts, self-leveling cleaning system and unique residue management system. The customer and I would then get into the cab and harvest in his field.

To see these machines in action, here is a video of one of the Axial-Flow combines we demoed this fall.

It was great to visit with these customers as I showed them the controls and features while combining. I was able to demo to quite a few of the competitors’ customers, and these are some of the phrases I heard:

  • “This is really sweet!”
  • “I can’t believe how smooth this combine works!”
  • “This is cool!”
  • “Your grain sample is better than ours!”
  • “It is a lot quieter in the cab than our combine!”
  • “Your display is easy to use!”

The interesting thing is that I heard these phrases over and over from different people.

While it takes a considerable amount of time to set up these demonstrations with dealers and prospective customers, it’s well worth the effort because it gives us the opportunity to showcase our products to potential customers, and it creates a lot of excitement, too. In fact, when I’m in an area doing a demonstration, it seems like every farmer within a 10-mile radius knows about it! Neighbors come over and want to ride in it, and others stop to watch us working in the field.

We’ve already sold one of the combines we demoed this year, and dealers have put together and sent out a number of quotes over the last few weeks. Some of these people may not have used our products for 15 years or more. They can’t believe how advanced our Case IH Axial-Flow combines have become and the number of new and improved features we’ve added. We have a great product to show, and it’s easy to understand why Case IH is gaining market share over the competition.

Editor’s Note: Corwyn Lepp, Case IH Combine Product Specialist, has worked for  Case IH for 28 years. In his spare time, he provides harvesting tips, setting advice and some homegrown videos on, which attracts about 150 visitors every day. His territory includes South Dakota, western Iowa and western Minnesota, where the primary crops are corn and soybeans.

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  • mitchell gambill10.27.2012 Reply

    Harvesting with a 7120 and 30 ft 2162.Never have we harvested with such ease.Cleaner sample and less damage.

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