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Combined Effort: The Axial-Flow Development Process

It took a lot of combined expertise to bring the new Axial-Flow 30 Series combines from the drawing board to your fields for the 2012 harvest. Whether a new feature began as a bright idea in an engineer’s head or a suggestion from the field, every single aspect of the new 30 Series design was proven and proven again. Along the way, it’s subjected to endless hours of rigorous testing, and put through trials that duplicate the stresses it might meet in the toughest real-world conditions.

This video tells the story of the Axial-Flow combine development process, as told by the folks who actually create them, as we enter our 35th season of rotary combine leadership.

Check back here and on YouTube all week as we devote ourselves to other aspects of the Axial-Flow story, with videos of real customers discussing their harvest experiences with Case IH.

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