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Custom Harvesting Outfit Trusts Case IH for Efficient Hay

County Line Custom Farming relies on Case IH hay and forage tools for high-capacity baling.

Whether you store your hay, feed it to livestock or sell it, you need the right tools to harvest at peak nutrition. DJ Wassenaar, owner of County Line Custom Farming in Jarvis, Ontario, uses Case IH equipment to improve alfalfa quality for his 150+ customers and reap the benefits of high-efficiency hay.

“From upgrading to RTK guidance and ISOBUS automation for our hay tools to investing in Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) on our tractors, we rely on our equipment to efficiently cover acres and, ultimately, provide better feed for our customers,” said Wassenaar.

Here are three tips from Wassenaar for high-efficiency hay.

1.  Choose the right tools

Whether you’re due for a midseason upgrade or are already thinking ahead to next year, bolster your operation with an equipment upgrade. Wassenaar uses several Case IH products to give his operation an edge:

  • LB series large square balers: For Wassenaar, the pickup is what makes the baler — and his LB334 models do not disappoint. “This is by far the best baler I’ve ever run,” said Wassenaar, who enjoys the benefits of less maintenance and reduced downtime. “The pickup ensures quick and consistent crop flow that results in better bales.”
  • RB5 series round balers: Wide pickups, high-capacity feeding systems and durable belts and rolls consistently build dense, uniform bales — driving down the cost of handling. Heavy-duty pickups provide a clean sweep of crops and uninterrupted feeding. “Overall reliability on our Case IH balers is unbelievable,” Wassenaar said.
  • Reliable tractors: Wassenaar can count on Maxxum® and Puma® tractors to keep his operation humming.  “The Multi-Control Armrest and electrohydraulic joystick on our Puma CVT tractors put key controls right up front. This level of comfort reduces operator fatigue during long nights of bale wrapping and hauling,” Wassenaar said.

2. Tap into new technology

For Wassenaar, using improved technology means getting more done with less fatigue.

  • ISOBUS Class 3: Automated functionality provides two-way communication between the baler and tractor to optimize packaging, bale density, forage quality and bale consistency.
  • Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) AccuGuide autoguidance: “We recently upgraded to AFS RTK-level autoguidance for our disc mower conditioner,” Wassenaar said. “The improved accuracy and efficiency will pay off not only on our first pass, but every pass thereafter.”

3. Harvest at peak nutritional value

Once you’ve got the right tools and tech, it’s time to focus on a timely harvest. “The better feed you make on the farm, the more money you will make on the farm,” Wassenaar said.

Talk to your Case IH dealer about how the full lineup of Case IH hay tools and tractors can help you put up more efficient hay that will pay off year-round.


Go high tech for high-efficiency hay

Walk your hayfields now; put up more hay later

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