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Don’t Let Your Combine Get Stuck in the Mud This Harvest

A Mud Hog powered rear axle can help your combine more efficiently power through all types of field conditions.

We’ve all been there. A great crop sits in the field while you tackle your rainy-day checklist in the shop, waiting for the ground to dry. Get your combine ready for whatever Mother Nature has in mind by upgrading to a Mud Hog® powered rear axle.

The first and only technology of its kind, Mud Hog powered rear axles provide 4WD capability to front-wheel drive combines. That’s a big help when those seemingly endless fall wet spells hit. The axle provides additional flotation and traction to help your combine power through muddy fields, so you can move more swiftly and surely, whether the ground is dry or not.

Regardless of field conditions, more traction helps you harvest faster and more efficiently. That’s good for the combine, and your bottom line. Better transfer of power to the ground helps improve fuel efficiency, while creating additional torque as you navigate steep grades. The engine and hydraulic systems run cooler, too, which reduces stress and extends their life expectancies. Spreading the ground-to-power transfer across four wheels improves handling and steering and decreases wear on the front tires. Increased flotation reduces compaction and minimizes tracks and ruts in soggy soil.

Pencil out the value; save some cash

Moving from traditional drive to 4WD enhances many combine performance and agronomic factors.

Even better, you can save $1,000* when you buy a Mud Hog axle for your current Case IH Axial-Flow® combine as an aftermarket solution. Simply complete the online form, get your coupon and bring it to your local dealer.

If you don’t have an Axial-Flow combine, but your combine was manufactured within the last 20 years, it’s likely your Case IH dealer has a Mud Hog available for your machine — regardless of the make or model.

A timely harvest is critical. Delays can increase in-field grain loss and prevent you from accomplishing the other important fall fieldwork. Be proactive. Talk with your Case IH dealer about installing a Mud Hog powered rear axle now, before you’re stuck (perhaps literally).

*For a limited time, we are offering a $1,000 discount on a powered rear axle from Case IH. After-market purchase only. Not applicable to powered rear axles being ordered as part of a new combine. Offer only valid on Case IH part numbers: 47527684, 47524677, CNH14004TDS, CNH14005TDS, CNH14008TDS, CI23682TDS and CI23683TDS. See participating Case IH dealer for details; offer valid while supplies last and subject to change by CNH Industrial at its discretion. Offer expires August 31, 2018.


What Can Mud Hog Axles Do for Your Harvest?

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