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Earth Metal Slices Through Tillage Headaches

Not all disks and sweeps are created equal — stronger, sharper, longer-wearing Case IH Earth Metal ground-engaging components can mean fewer headaches in the field.

For nearly 40 years, Case IH Earth Metal® disk blades and Earth Metal sweeps have helped our entire lineup of tillage equipment perform better and more efficiently with less downtime. As you plan your tillage strategies for this fall, consider the advantages Earth Metal can bring to your operation.

Introduced in 1979, Case IH Earth Metal is part substance and part process. It’s the source of the metal and how the metal is managed and controlled during the formation of our ground-engaging components that help them slice through the special challenges placed on disk blades, tillage sweeps and chisel points — from rocks to difficult-to-manage soil types to high levels of the toughest crop residue. Here’s how:

No scraps allowed. Earth Metal originates from fresh and natural iron ore sources, not from old auto parts or other scrap metal — the steel starts with fewer impurities. Our exclusive process focuses on how the steel is shaped and cooled, allowing for a shape that eliminates up to 75 percent of “disk wobble” and contributes to blade toughness and durability.

Made sharp to stay sharp. We precision-machine-cut edges to create the optimal combination of edge sharpness and strength. In 2007, Case IH introduced a special sharpening treatment to create Super Sharp edge blades that are as much as five times sharper than a conventional disk blade edge for more effective management of today’s tough-stemmed crop residues.

Long-lasting protection. In the finishing process, disk blades undergo shot blasting to remove scale. A high-gloss enamel coating is baked to a smooth, hard finish that improves surface appearance and provides rust protection.

These steps produce blades with high ductility and an earned reputation for a unique combination of resistance to wear and field flexibility that resists cracking. These disk blades also feature a crimp center design that reduces backside blade pressure and the compaction it can cause. Crimp center blades tend to stay in the ground better and pull easier for greater efficiency.

Sweeps that stay on the job longer

Case IH cultivator sweeps go through a similar process, producing their renown extended-wear qualities. Earth Metal Maxxi-Width sweeps are designed to maintain their cutting width as they wear and to deliver full tillage and weed management performance throughout the life of the sweep.

Although Earth Metal is an integral part of the Case IH system, your Case IH dealer can provide Earth Metal disks, sweeps and coulters to fit nearly any model of tillage and planting equipment. So, talk to your dealer about how you can begin capturing the advantages of Earth Metal in your operation, whether on a Case IH tillage implement or by upgrading the ground-engaging components on existing equipment.


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