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Exposing More Than a Million People to the Case IH Brand

Corey Reed blogs about his experiences as the Case IH corporate events intern. After an insanely busy summer exposing 1 million+ Midwesterners to Case IH equipment, Corey is heading back for his senior year at Cornell University.

Never a dull moment. That is how I would describe my summer with Case IH. As an animal science and agricultural science education major at Cornell University, I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to work for one of my favorite brands.

I thought that I had to be a business or engineering major just to consider applying. Little did I know how many positions are available across the entire company, and how much my experiences qualified me to be corporate events intern. My main projects focused on showcasing the brand at various events.

The reason I say there was never a dull moment this summer is because often I would be managing one project while planning for a couple more. My capstone project for the summer was managing our presence at the Racine County Fair. (Case IH is headquartered in Racine, Wis.)

My responsibilities at the fair included determining equipment availability; arranging equipment transport; keeping equipment shined; soliciting, training and managing almost 50 volunteers; designing and setting up our exhibit; and making sure that everyone on our lot was having a safe and successful day while experiencing our products. On-site during the fair, I set up a “portable office,” as I was constantly making phone calls, sending emails, and answering questions for the next set of events that I was working on.

After the fair, we had exposed the Case IH brand to over 86,000 attendees. Add this to the 100,000 attendees at the Racine Fourth Fest Parade, and to the 921,000 fairgoers at the Wisconsin State Fair, and you start to leave a brand impression on the public.

I am a person who loves to work through challenges and see how they fit into a broader scope of a company. This, combined with my hands-on skills I developed growing up on a farm, made this internship a perfect fit for me. One day I would be working on spreadsheets in the office, and the next day I would be assembling ROPS on Case IH Scout™ utility vehicles, putting together adult pedal tractors, or hauling Farmall® tractors. I loved the fact that there was always a large variety of things for me to do, and I was not just working in the office all of the time. I had enough freedom to make each project my own, yet enough guidance to ensure that each experience was its own success story.

Find information about 2013 Case IH internships at www.campusconnect.cnh.com.

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