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Factors Influencing Spraying Effectiveness

In a prior blog post, we talked about spraying considerations and how Case IH equipment can help you Be Ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way. Today, Case IH Application Equipment Marketing Manager Mark Burns helps us dig deeper into the factors influencing spraying effectiveness and ways to ensure the best spray coverage possible. How have Case IH Patriot sprayers helped you optimize your chemical application during short spraying windows?

According to Burns, timely application is the most significant factor influencing crop protection. However, with this year’s fluctuating weather conditions, most producers haven’t had the perfect window to get weeds sprayed.

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“If you can’t be in the field at the optimum moment, focus on being in the field when you can to minimize damage already done,” says Burns.

For example, it may be better to get into the field when you can treat a portion of the crop instead of waiting for the entire field to be dry, which can give weeds more time to grow and take over.

The Case IH Patriot® sprayer line gives producers added flexibility. The cab-forward/rear-engine design distributes weight evenly and minimizes rutting and soil compaction, letting operators get in wet fields earlier. Sprayers can be equipped with AFS AccuGuide™, reducing skips and overlaps. AutoBoom™ maintains boom height, optimizing coverage. AIM Command™ spray system technology gives producers a constant rate and pressure and the ability to use a single sprayer tip for multiple applications.

All of these Agronomic Design factors help increase windows for timely application and improve the quality of application while minimizing the impact of other factors, like wind, temperature and humidity levels.

One last piece of advice Burns offers is to consider contracting help. With the tighter spraying windows this season, producers can’t afford to miss a spraying opportunity, and that may mean hiring sprayer operators or custom applicators to get the job done.

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