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Find the Earth Metal Blade for Your Fields

Find the Earth Metal disk blade built to tackle your tough residue challenges.

Tackle residue, increase equipment uptime and maximize seedbed productivity by equipping your tillage tool with the right Earth Metal® disks this fall.

There’s no question that healthy crops require healthy soil. That’s why genuine tillage parts from Case IH are built based on Agronomic Design principles. Equipped with Earth Metal ground-engaging parts from Case IH, your tillage equipment can effectively manage residue and improve soil tilth. The result is a high-efficiency seedbed where every seed can thrive.


Case IH provides a full line of fluted, wavy and straight coulters options. Click here to learn which blade is right for your fields.


Efficiency, Uptime and Seedbed Consistency

The Earth Metal line is one of the largest in the industry — with disk blade options for nearly every equipment brand and application. Earth Metal is stronger, sharper and longer-lasting. This maximizes productivity of each acre you till and sets the stage for higher yield environment. The Super Sharp edges on our latest disk blades, for example, are ideal for tough field conditions and genetically modified crops.


Earth Metal is strong and durable without the brittleness found with conventional steel. When Earth Metal encounters rocks or tree stumps, the metal maintains its shape rather than cracking or fracturing. In fact, quality tests prove this toughness. Earth Metal can withstand more than 800 cycles of stress testing, compared with conventional steel, which typically lasts 10 cycles.1





Real-life Proof of Earth Metal Durability

Growers around North America choose Earth Metal blades. Take this real-life example: Case IH 47-foot True-Tandem 330 Turbo was fitted with half Earth Metal VT wave blades and half conventional steel blades. After 3,600 acres in heavy, dark and very rocky soils, several of the conventional steel blades were broken and bent. Only one Earth Metal blade had a slight bend, but no cracking or breaking.2




Learn how to make Earth Metal an integral part of your tillage and planting equipment. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how you can capture the advantages of Earth Metal disks on your operation.


Video: The Superior Design of Case IH Earth Metal

Earth Metal Slices Through Tillage Headaches


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