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Find the Right Midsize Tractor for Fall’s Fast Pace

Accomplish all you need to get done this fall with the right midsize tractor from Case IH.

Your workload before, during and after harvest rivals any other time of year. The right midsize tractor can help you get more done more efficiently. And that’s important, whether you’re harvesting this year’s crop or readying fields for next year’s.

Versatility, maneuverability and the right amount of horsepower are important considerations when choosing a tractor that best meets your operation’s needs. A tractor that makes feeding livestock and some light fieldwork a breeze likely is different than a tractor that handles a loader but also a large grain cart. That’s why Case IH offers multiple tractor lines — each with plenty of versatility but also with the design features that make them right for a specific job when you need it. Here’s an overview of our midsize tractors and how they can boost efficiency across your farm:

OptumTM series. Our latest tractor line delivers the horsepower you need for midsize tillage tools and planters, as well as for high-volume hay and forage operations.

  • Available in 240 and 270 PTO horsepower models
  • Provides the power-to-weight ratio for large grain wagons and grain carts, tillage and baling
  • Delivers the hydraulic capacity and capabilities to run planters and seeders
  • ISOBUS Class 3 capabilities enable advanced communications with implements
  • Continuously Variable Transmission provides operator convenience, fuel efficiency and infinite speed variability

Puma® series. Efficient, multipurpose tractors are designed with the right size and power to handle midsize row crop jobs and around-the-farm chores.

  • Six available models ranging from 125 to 210 PTO horsepower
  • Three-point hitch and hydraulic component features handle a variety of operations, from hauling hay home to applying fall fertilizer
  • Anti-lock braking system prevents wheel lockup for maximum braking power
  • Cab design accommodates multiple lighting package options, including LED and egress lighting
  • Available factory-installed precision farming technology, including Advanced Farming Systems and ISOBUS Class 3 capabilities

Farmall® series. The higher-horsepower (up to 140 engine horsepower) Farmall tractor models combine the power, flexibility and ease of operation needed for all kinds of fall chores, from powering high-capacity grain augers to pulling fertilizer carts.

  • The Farmall U, Farmall C and Farmall 100A series let you choose the model, features and budget that suit your operation
  • Fuel-efficient technologies throughout the Farmall line help maximize efficiency and power
  • Model options offer weights and configurations to match a variety of jobs
  • More than 70 available attachments make the Farmall series highly versatile
  • Ease of operation and an outstanding work environment help maximize your productivity

Whether it’s tool, part, implement or tractor, having exactly what you need for the task at hand helps make any busy season go more smoothly. And that — along with some good weather and a little good fortune — can help you get your crop out on time, your fields worked, your hay stored and your farm ready for winter. Talk with your Case IH dealer about which midsize tractor best meets your needs this fall.


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