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Focusing on 4 Areas Can Help You Have a Great Fall

Thorough preparation can give you great peace of mind heading into the busy fall season.

No one needs to remind you it’s time to get ready for harvest. But these reminders can help you be more efficient in your preparation and, ultimately, help your season go smoothly.

Safety. It simply isn’t possible to overstate the importance of farm safety. Aside from the long- and short-term implications, you can’t keep the season on track if you or those helping you aren’t able to get the work done.

Make sure equipment is in good working condition and that all shields are in place. Stay rested, fed and hydrated. Slow down, avoid shortcuts and lead by example.

Equipment. From combines to tillage tools to tractors and fertilizer applicators, the right equipment and the right size equipment play a vital role in a timely harvest and fall tillage. It’s not too late to work with your Case IH dealer to schedule a combine inspection, replace worn tillage points or sharpen or replace other ground-engaging components.

If you determine an upgrade or addition to your equipment inventory would help you stay on schedule, talk to your Case IH dealer. If new equipment isn’t in the budget, consider the Case IH Certified Pre-Owned program.

Clean and inspect grain bins. Fire up grain driers and fans, and make sure electric motors are working properly. Check other grain-handling equipment to eliminate at-harvest surprises.

Parts and supplies. Next to weather, there’s likely no other factor that impacts a timely harvest more than access to the parts and supplies you need — when you need them. Work with your Case IH dealer and shop the Case IH Partstore to ensure your shop is well-stocked with the most commonly needed parts, fluids, lubricants and filters. Order fuel. Organize your shop and replace missing or broken tools.

Technology. Almost as important as bringing in the crop and working fields for future crops, fall is a critical season for data gathering. It’s important to make sure all Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) components are working properly before you head to the field. Now is a good time to connect with the Case IH Owners Community and AFS Support Center where you can learn about the latest downloads and updates, and make sure your equipment is current.

Whether you’re in the shop or the most far-flung field on your farm, access to weather, markets and other information is vital. Update the apps on your mobile device, and download the Case IH MyShed mobile app to access the parts and supplies you need on the go.

A preharvest checklist can seem overwhelming. Prioritize and look for ways to spread the workload. Your Case IH dealer stands ready to help you have a great fall.


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