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Four Benefits of Tracks This Fall

The decades have proven track technology from Case IH can help complete critical fall tillage faster.

Achieving field efficiency is a key step to maximizing harvest potential. For many producers, that requires a move to bigger implements and higher horsepower equipment. More power and weight make tracks a logical option to minimize compaction and preserve soil tilth.

This fall, you can rely on Case IH track equipment to access fields sooner and reduce compaction. From tractors to combines, here are four seasonal benefits of track technology.

  1. Harvest More Efficiently

For greater flotation and less soil compaction, the front axle of the Axial-Flow® 240 series combines can be equipped with the rugged, triangular Quadtrac® track system. The Quadtrac system’s design uses two 30- or 36-inch wide rubber tracks to reduce ground pressure, resulting in minimal soil disturbance, a smooth and comfortable ride, and less stress on your fields.

  1. Preserve Soil Tilth

With its four individually driven, oscillating tracks, Steiger® Quadtrac® series tractors are in constant contact with the ground to produce optimal pressure, ideal flotation and better traction. Each track unit has five sets of wheels and five axles that better distribute weight and avoid pressure spikes in the soil. Additionally, each unit independently pivots up and down 10 degrees, allowing it to better follow ground contours, yet turn tightly without causing berming or soil disturbance.

  1. Deliver More Horsepower

Tracks transfer more power to the ground than wheels do. Case IH Steiger tracks take things a step further, with a bigger footprint and longer wheelbase than other track systems. The Quadtrac system allows the operator to maintain full power through turns, without producing as many ruts or berms. This is especially important when pulling a big implement such as a disk ripper.

All Case IH high-horsepower engines use common rain fuel injection systems for quieter, more efficient operation and are built heavier than competitive engines with higher displacement.

  1. Increase Operational Flexibility

Getting maximum-use farm equipment is the best way to improve your return on investment. Case IH engineers designed Steiger Quadtrac and Rowtrac tractors to operate in multiple crops and a variety of field conditions and operations. They can handle everything from primary and secondary tillage to planting and sidedressing fertilizer to spraying row crops.

Today’s Steiger family includes seven models ranging from 370 to 620 horsepower. Engines in all 2016 Steiger tracked tractors and combines meet Tier 4/B Final requirements and feature the Case IH exclusive, patented SCR-only emissions system.

For a more in-depth analysis of all the benefits of track technology, turn to your Case IH dealer or visit


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