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From The Field: How Can Farmers Maximize Every Acre?

Check out Case IH’s latest “From the Field” video post on The Weather Channel titled, “How can farmers maximize every acre?”. This video post highlights how Precision Farming technologies, such as autoguidance systems and software, increase planting, seeding, and spraying efficiency.

Learn more about Case IH Advanced Farming Systems.

How have precision farming technologies been helpful to you?

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  • kent reinking9.5.2011 Reply

    In 2010 reinking farms bought a new case-IH 2608 chopping corn head. The head was bought to save a trip. After runing it for only one day we put the bushhog chopper and extra tractor for sale.We plant with twin 30″ rows,the rows are pushed together when combining and chopped,excelent job done even in tough conditions! The one thing that needs to be addressed is the out side ends. When combing,the ears will hit the outside divider and some will fall out onto the ground. There needs to be a sheild that can be raised up to deflect the ears back in the head,and lowerd when doing down corn. Please call me (Kent)@319-415-3699 if you would like to know how we modifide the head to solve this issue. Thank you for your time, your vary faithful Case-IH farmer. Kent Reinking

    • CASE IH9.29.2011

      Thanks, Kent for your feedback. We have passed this along to the marketing and engineering team for their reference. Thanks again!

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