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Future Technology Trends Impact Agriculture

Author and futurist Jack Uldrich gave a presentation entitled “Why Future Trends in Agriculture Will Require Unlearning” at a recent Case IH event. Check out the video highlights from his presentation. 

In order to prepare for rapid change, he suggests that we have to “unlearn” ideas and information that are no longer useful. For example, agronomists thought clods of dirt left behind after tillage prevented higher yields, when in reality the holes were causing agronomic issues. With this new insight, Case IH agronomically designed and created the Ecolo-Tiger 870 disk ripper to help increase yield potential by optimizing seedbed preparation through effectively sizing and mixing residue to capture more nutrient value.

We strive to continually see the world from a different perspective and stay ahead of future trends that will affect you. How do you keep up on future trends? What ideas have you had to “unlearn” in your farming operation?

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