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Gather More From Your Fields This Fall

Harvest information along with your crops this fall.

Whether it’s new technology, a better management practice or a cost-saving measure, you can’t reap the benefits until you make it happen. That’s why today is the best time to integrate Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) into your operation.

Sure, you could wait until spring and a new season’s clean slate to put AFS to work. But consider what you could learn just by watching your crops pass through your combine. Imagine how quickly you could collect information by using AFS before this fall’s harvest. With the help of your Case IH dealer and unmatched AFS support, you’ll be ready when your combine rolls into the first field this fall.

Case IH AFS harvest monitoring and mapping tools give you intuitive solutions that help you gather information right away. You can monitor, map and evaluate data about your crops’ performance. That data can help you with next season’s cropping and purchase decisions, and the payoff will be almost immediate. Why wait?

All Case IH Axial-Flow® combines feature integrated yield and moisture monitoring sensors standard from the factory. The AFS Pro 700 control center display serves as your interface to calibrate sensors, view yield and moisture information, monitor combine performance, and control machine functions. You don’t have to install anything extra. With the basics in place, you tap Case IH AFS support to help you customize your use of the technology across equipment and seasons.

Auto-cut Width. Case IH AFS harvest application software installed on your AFS Pro 700 monitor automatically adjusts cut width when traveling over odd-shaped fields, point rows or other previously harvested areas. This automated feature prevents inaccurate area and yield calculations when used with a GPS receiver.

Variety Tracking. With AFS Variety Tracking software, you can automatically keep accurate records of seed varieties, inputs and performance from planting through harvest. Use data from planting for up to 30 different seed varieties per field in conjunction with yield and moisture data tracked at harvest to easily and accurately analyze variety performance.

AFS Connect. This advanced farm management system provides you real-time dashboard access to your equipment on any device. You have instant access to location, diagnostics, fuel and engine stats — just like you would see it in the field.

Guidance and steering. Advance your operation with steering and guidance tools such as AFS AccuGuide for tractors, combines and sprayers. Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond. AFS RowGuide works with AFS AccuGuide to provide accurate, hands-off steering during corn harvest to reduce operator fatigue.

Data management software. A single software suite enables you to maximize the value of your AFS technology. AFS Software enables you to view, edit, manage, analyze and use your precision farming data. Designed to fit your operation’s needs, Case IH AFS Desktop Software offers the flexibility and analysis power to support all of your precision farming needs:

  • Generate yield maps and prescription maps
  • Create soil sampling maps
  • Create and print reports
  • Import satellite imagery

Regardless of where you gather data — from the AFS Pro 700 control center display, your crop consultant or an ag retailer or other supplier — you can easily import and manage information using your AFS Software. Most important: It’s your data. You own it. You control it.

As you put Case IH precision-farming tools and technology to work at planting and harvest, you can use the information to improve your operation. From tillage to fertilizer and pesticide application to improving hay and forage quality, Case IH AFS gives you the information you need from field to field and from crop to crop. Download and review our latest AFS brochure, then let your Case IH dealer help you ready your equipment to harvest crops and information this fall.

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