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Get Your Work Done Quicker, Easier With New L10 Series Premium Loaders

More-efficient hydraulics and outstanding visibility help the new Case IH L10 series loaders move through all types of loader work quickly.

Whether you’re moving bales off the hay field, cleaning cattle pens or loading a mixer wagon, the new L10 series premium loaders from Case IH deliver features that help you work more efficiently.

Picking up a few seconds every step along the way lets you get more work done. The new L10 series loaders make getting that work done easier, thanks to several design features, including:

  • A new styling that provides better visibility
  • Efficient, flow-optimized hydraulics
  • Fast mount and dismount — 30 to 60 seconds
  • Unmatched durability for maximum uptime

Faster cycle times, defined

Moving through loader work quickly sounds great, but can the loader really make a difference? And what exactly is a cycle time?

Loaders earn their keep by making what often are repetitive jobs easier and by helping you be more efficient with your time. A cycle time is the time it takes to complete each task within that project. Think of it this way: You’ve got a trailer loaded with round bales. A cycle time is the time it takes you to lift one bale from the trailer, move it to the hay shed and return to the trailer for another bale.

Now, if you’ve got hundreds of bales to move or an endless line of cattle pens to clean, it’s easy to see how shaving off even a few seconds each cycle time — because the hydraulics are faster or because you can see better and move more quickly — can help you wrap up the job sooner. And that’s exactly what the efficiencies gained with the new L10 series loaders can bring to your operation.

More efficient oil flow with the L10 series loaders means the hydraulic system performs faster while generating less heat and using less fuel for lower operating costs. Best-in-class hydraulic couplers speed connect and disconnect times.

Built lighter; built stronger

Case IH loaders have earned their reputation for rugged durability. Yet, with the L10 series, we’ve found ways to make our loaders even stronger while lightening the load.

A chamfered and embossed arm design increases strength and harmonizes perfectly with the modern lines of Case IH tractors. Cast and forged components add even more strength at critical stress points, helping to create lasting reliability and a lower cost of ownership. Plus, design features, such as smart hose routing and protective covers, help keep hydraulic lines out of the way.

Models for every tractor, every operation

Each of the six available models in the L10 series loader lineup is specifically designed for Case IH Farmall®, Maxxum®, Puma® and Magnum tractors, so you can choose the loader suited to the type of loader and lift capacities you need on your operation.

In most operations, there’s no off-season for loader work — and no time for downtime. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how the new L10 series loaders can help make you more productive, every day.


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