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Give Your Devices an Ag-app Upgrade

Get more from your mobile devices. Make sure they’re running the latest ag-related apps.

Information access sometimes seems more like information overload — until you need it. Make sure your smartphone and tablet have the best, most useful apps so you can prevent a headache or two this spring.

Sure, you may be satisfied and comfortable with the apps on your mobile devices. But think about apps the same way you think of a planter or a combine or a tractor: The latest model almost always offers improvements or new features. And sometimes they’re just more fun to use.

To help speed your search for the latest, greatest, must-have apps, here are some resources specific to agriculture:

CropLife magazine annually lists its top agriculture apps. This year’s list includes everything from precision farming and farm management software to invasive weed tracking. Perhaps equally as useful, CropLife includes links to its previous yearly lists, which began with 20 recommended apps in 2011.

If you’re looking for a specific app or simply want to explore all that’s out there, check out the Farming and Agriculture Apps database. The site includes several hundred ag-relevant apps from around the world. Best of all, it boasts the tools to help you find exactly what you need, including a Most Popular Apps list, apps by category, keyword search and dropdown menus to help you search by device, language, price and country.

If you’re still searching for options or inspiration, you can search directly on the iTunes® App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device’s operating system. Generally, new apps first hit the market via these outlets. And while shiny new apps are worth exploring, even old apps learn new tricks. Remember to watch for update indicators on your devices, and be sure to download and deploy those updates.

Also remember: Case IH delivers the connectivity tools you need, too. AFS Connect™ and MyShed™, along with the MyShed mobile app, keep all kinds of information at your fingertips. These tools help you anticipate breakdowns. They offer references that more efficiently get you back up and running. You can more closely monitor equipment performance and make adjustments remotely.

When you access MyShed via the Case IH Partstore, you’ll gain remote access to the assembly diagrams you need for successful repairs. Or use the app to build parts lists. Simply set up an account, create your equipment list by make and model, and download the free app, which is available for Apple® and Android smartphones.

With all of your devices fully teched out, you’ll be better prepared for whatever the season throws your way. All you need to do now is find enough memory on your device.

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  • Gerald4.28.2015 Reply

    Hi, can you tell me where to find the AFSConnect App? Is it only available for iOS or also for Android?
    I am not able to find it.


    • Case IH5.5.2015


      AFS Connect is web-based and not in an app form. However, it has been optimized to run on a tablet. You just need to log in from your computer’s or tablet’s browser.

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