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Go High-tech for High-efficiency Hay

Applying a hay preservative can help you hit optimal harvest windows. The new Case IH 600 Series Automatic Applicator System makes application easier and more precise.

With your know-how, the right equipment, the latest technology and a little bit of weather luck, high-quality hay is a beautiful — not to mention, valuable — thing. We call it high-efficiency hay.

Whether you market your hay off the farm or feed it to your own livestock, you know how quality impacts your bottom line. You also know the important role timing plays — most forages lose 20 percent of their total digestible nutrients and 40 percent of their protein just 10 days after their optimal harvest stage.1 But even when you get your hay crop cut right, you’ve got a tight window to get it baled. Case IH ThirtyPlus hay preservative can help.

ThirtyPlus hay preservative lets you bale hay with moisture content up to 30 percent without worrying about overheating or toxic molds. And now, thanks to the new Case IH 600 Series Automatic Applicator System for our large square balers, hay preservative application is easier and more precise than ever. The system integrates seamlessly with the baler’s electronic controller and the tractor’s Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) display for efficient, precise preservative application. Other system highlights include:

  • Sensors interface with the baler and tractor to determine hay moisture content, speed of baling (tonnage), how much preservative is being applied and total tons baled.
  • Accurate, on-the-go moisture readings adjust preservative application every three seconds so you apply the exact amount of preservative needed.
  • Paired with the AFS Pro 700 display, the system can store up to 300 job records by field, including the date and time of baling, tons baled, product used and moisture levels. The system can store up to 33,000 individual bale records.
  • Optional add-on features include Case IH ProID bale taggers, dye sprayers, bale weight data and GPS yield mapping.

Making better bales easier

From in-cab controls to Class 3 ISOBUS tractor and round baler automation and large square baler Feedrate Control, Case IH helps you squeeze more productivity from each day while continually putting up a high-quality product. For example, Feedrate Control enables the baler to run at optimal performance by controlling the speed of the tractor. The baler controls the tractor’s forward speed through ISOBUS Class 3 commands, maintaining desired capacity by using a charge sensor. The system then calculates the best speed based on the information received from the sensors. Now that’s high-efficiency hay.

Talk to your Case IH dealer about how our full line of Farmall®, Maxxum®, Puma® and Optum® series tractors, along with the latest balers, windrowers, mowers and conditioners, can help you efficiently put up, haul and feed your high-quality hay.


Keep your baler and tractor in sync

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1Henning JC, Wheaton HN. Making and Storing Quality Hay. University of Missouri Extension website. http://extension.missouri.edu/p/G4575. Accessed April 26, 2017.
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