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Growing More Food on Less Land

It’s a constant challenge – more and more demand for food, fiber, and fuel and less and less farmland to grow it on. To succeed, producers like you need equipment that delivers the most – from planting through harvest. And, you’ll need support from experts who put your needs first.

Surface Area, By Land/Cover Use

Measuring Productivity in Inches, Not Acres.

“Farming for the future is going to require more knowledge on what we need to do to produce more out of an acre. Case IH designs equipment with increased capacity and better comfort, which naturally leads to higher productivity.”
– Dennis Ivers, St. Francisville, IL

Our next generation Magnum tractors have been engineered with input from the very start by producers like you. Fact is, no one knows more about how a farmer uses equipment than you! We spent a lot of time asking what matters most. You told us that you wanted a more comfortable cab for those long days and longer nights, more fuel efficieny to keep costs down, and more power to pull your biggest implements. Case IH is committed to putting your needs fist, and helping you get more out of every inch of land.

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