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Harvest Report: No Substitute for Tiger Points

Properly outfitted with Case IH Tiger Point tillage points, the Ecolo-Tiger readies your fields for final seedbed preparation come spring.

These days, fall tillage is as much a part of harvest as crisp, frosty mornings and meals served in the combine cab. It’s a critical step in maximizing returns from today’s top-yielding crop genetics. To get there, you must set up your tillage equipment to accomplish all it’s designed to do.

Today’s guest bloggers are John Kahle, Case IH Crop Production Product Specialist covering eastern Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, western Minnesota and northwest Iowa, and David Brennan, Case IH Crop Production Product Specialist supporting portions of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Here is their harvest report from the field:

The primary reason for fall tillage is to advance your fields toward a high-efficiency seedbed. In our region, the Ecolo-Tiger® disk ripper sets the standard for seedbed preparation by providing superior crop residue management — including proper sizing and mixing of residue in the soil for improved degradation — along with fracturing of the hard pan.

Through Case IH Agronomic Design and more than 1 million data points collected in the field, we developed the Ecolo-Tiger to rigid specifications, right down to the 7-inch Tiger Point tillage points. This fall, as tillage points come due for replacement, we’ve seen a few farmers try alternative tillage points. Unfortunately, they’ve been less than satisfied with the results. Here are some reasons why:

  • Tiger Points ensure a lift, twist and roll of the hard pan. Alternative points simply lift and flop.
  • Our 7-inch Tiger Points on the 24-inch shank spacing of the Ecolo-Tiger fracture the hard pan evenly across the entire implement, resulting in a soil structure of consistent density.
  • Aftermarket 14-inch points leave large clods and streaks, resulting in a poorly finished soil surface, which will impact spring seedbed prep.
  • Those larger 14-inch points perform more like a sweep, creating a compaction layer deeper in the soil profile.
  • The larger points are more susceptible to damage from rocks.
  • Larger points require higher horsepower, due to increased ground engagement, soil contact and soil movement. This typically results in increased fuel consumption and slower operating speeds, which increases engine hours, wear and tear and labor costs.
  • Increased soil movement causes a total loss of soil structure in the top 8 to 10 inches of soil. Soil structure is important, because it provides stability for equipment and a uniform soil density for optimal seed placement.


Only the patented Case IH Tiger Point tillage point provides the lift, twist and roll needed for effective hard-pan management.
Only the patented Case IH Tiger Point tillage point provides the lift, twist and roll needed for effective hard-pan management.


Farmers choose the Ecolo-Tiger for the agronomic advantages it brings to their fields. We think it’s important to understand how and why it produces such outstanding results, along with how altering its components will produce less-than-satisfactory results.

When it’s time to replace the tillage points on your Ecolo-Tiger, talk to your Case IH dealer about how only genuine Tiger Point tillage points will preserve its integrity and in-field performance.


Brochure: Ecolo-Tiger 875 Disk Ripper

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