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Harvest Report Wrap-Up: Next Year Will Be Better

As the harvest season comes to a close, we’re reminded once again of the resilience and optimism of America’s farmers. Tell us about your harvest experience this year, and what you anticipate for next year.

Even though much of the United States suffered debilitating drought, our Case IH Combine Specialists, Case IH dealers and the farmers with whom they visited maintained a positive outlook. In some cases, yields were better than expected, and in other cases, the outcome could have been much worse. Most farmers finished harvesting in record time, so fall fieldwork is well ahead of schedule.

One comment we repeatedly heard this fall was the ability of Case IH Axial-Flow® combines to handle even the toughest field conditions. Significant variability was common this year. While one part of a field had minimum yields, other parts of a field had normal to above-normal yields, which meant our combines had to withstand a variety of field conditions.

This fall, customers gave high praise to the Case IH 2162 draper header. It did a great job of saving downed crops this fall. The gentle, even feed is a lot easier on the crop when bringing it into the combine.

If a windstorm or hail knocked down your crop, the Case IH 9120 combine had the extra horsepower to lift the tangled crop and process the extra material that comes with it. The 9120 also has the largest cleaning system in the industry (10,075 square inches of cleaning area). And Case IH pioneered rotor development back in the 1960s. Since then, refinements, enhancements and improvements have led to the pinnacle in rotor performance, the AFX rotor. The AFX rotor can be configured many ways, adapting to both crop and threshing conditions with the use of standard non-spiked rasp bars, spiked rasp bars and straight separator bars.

Over and over, customers complimented the quality of our combines. The ability to take the same machine and harvest in multiple conditions and various crops and make it work every time, that’s what puts Case IH Axial-Flow combines in a class by themselves.

Below are links to our Harvest Reports from our Case IH Combine Product Specialists:

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  • Rudy Letkeman10.31.2012 Reply

    Corn harvest for Belize is almost at the end as well. Our crops yielded like they average here. Looking forward to getting a AFX Rotor for next crop

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