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Here’s What Data Protection and Control means to Case IH

Data is a hot topic for media, advocacy groups such as the American Farm Bureau Federation, equipment companies and producers. But what do data control, privacy and ownership really mean?

Case IH takes data control very seriously. We are a founding member of the Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA), an organization established to develop protocols and establish parameters for the protection and use of producers’ data.

We respect producers’ need for security and privacy, and we believe customers should determine who has access to the data generated or submitted by machines working on their operation.

Here’s more information about what OADA is … and is not.

With the mission to ensure farmers have full data access, security and privacy, OADA:

  • Will operate with a farmer-focused approach through a central guiding principle that each farmer owns data generated or entered by the farmer, their employees or by machines performing activities on their farm
  • Will develop open reference implementations of data storage and transfer mechanisms with security and privacy protocols
  • Will provide a forum for technical community discussion
  • Will be led according to the processes of open standards projects that have built much of the Internet’s networking, security, Web and data standards with multiple universities, individuals and corporations participating (often while competing in the marketplace). Examples include the Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and The Apache Software Foundation (which supports more than 100 projects)
  • Will direct any financial contributions to a not-for-profit foundation whose purpose will be to enable open source projects in agriculture in service of the OADA mission

It is important to also specify what OADA does not intend to do. OADA:

  • Will not produce or sell commercial products
  • Will not be a provider of cloud storage or services
  • Will not be a political lobbying organization
  • Will not endorse or oppose products or services beyond providing software tests that can be used to validate OADA functional support

We want to know what data security means to you. Leave us a comment and join the conversation.

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