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High-yielding Wheat Starts With Timely Fall Seeding

Make sure your equipment is ready when the winter wheat seeding window opens.

Establishing a good stand of winter wheat this fall will set the tone for the crop you harvest next summer. In addition to a firm seedbed set up by moisture, you need to make sure your planting equipment doesn’t slow you down.

Often, problems with plant growth and development later in the year can be traced back to poor emergence or inadequate root growth and tiller development in the fall and early winter.1 A firm seedbed is critical, and that hinges on good moisture. It’s important to have your equipment ready, as the seeding window opens only for about three weeks in most winter-wheat-growing regions. Here are some recommendations to help you get started:

  • Review your operators manual. It is the definitive resource for your seeding equipment. Reacquaint yourself with the manual. It provides the depth and detail you need to help  you prepare, maintain and adjust your equipment.
  • Download and review our productivity tips booklet for Precision DiskTM 500 and 500T single disk air drills. It provides quick, easy access to all types of information, including:
    • Storage removal steps
    • Pre-seeding inspection checklists
    • Adjustments and settings
    • Operational tips
  • Product metering calibrations are critical to accurately apply the correct seeding rates and are recommended at the beginning of the season, when changing crops or seed meter rolls and at other times during the season. Watch this video for an easy-to-follow calibration process.
  • Work with your Case IH dealer. Only your Case IH dealer has what it takes to protect your equipment investment. From genuine Case IH parts to diagnostic techniques that can spot important maintenance issues before they become costly repairs, your dealer is trained by the organization that made your machine. Trust your dealer to help keep your equipment humming.

With your seeding equipment field-ready, you can focus your attention on other end-of-summer tasks. And then, when the time is right, begin to monitor your fields. Hitting the optimal seeding window will help ensure strong emergence and the right amount of fall growth to protect against winter kill — all factors that will pay off at harvest next summer.


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1Shroyer J. Wheat Seeding Tips for Good Stand Establishment. Kansas State University Extension website. http://www.wintercereals.us/Documents/Growing%20WW/Production%20Articles/General%20Seeding%20Issues/Wheat%20Seeding%20Tips%20for%20Good%20Stand%20Establishment.pdf. Published August 23, 2010. Accessed July 20, 2016.
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