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How a Canadian Producer Brings Together a Perfect Harvest

With about four weeks to harvest 44,000 acres, Kevin Hruska relies on 12 Case IH Axial-Flow combines to help him achieve a high-efficiency harvest.

With today’s margins, any hiccup, large or small, impacts your returns. Still, when it comes down to it, harvest is the true measure of success and a big determining factor of future successes. Kevin Hruska, who farms over 44,000 acres near Gerald, Saskatchewan, will tell you his high-efficiency harvest starts with the Axial-Flow® combine.

“Here in the pothole region — where we’re often dealing with wet fields and wet grain on rough, rocky ground — our combines must stand up to some tremendously tough conditions,” Hruska explained. “From our first Axial-Flow in the late 1970s to our 110th combine purchase within the last few years, we know we can count on our Case IH combines for a timely, high-quality harvest.”

He recognizes a combination of four elements for an efficient harvest.

Grain quality: Superior grain quality is the hallmark of Axial-Flow combines and is achieved by:

  • Single-rotor technology for gentle, grain-on-grain threshing
  • Nonspecific crop damage reduction for cleaner samples

Hruska, who runs a hard-red spring wheat-canola rotation, doesn’t have issues with cracked grain or poor grain quality.

“In fact, we’ve delivered grain straight from the combine and been accused of running it through a grain cleaner,” he says.

Adaptability and consistency: Even under less-than-ideal conditions, it’s critical to meet tight harvest windows. These Axial Flow combine features make this type of efficiency a reality:

  • Intuitive combine operating procedures
  • Settings that easily transfer to other combines in the fleet after initial adjustments
  • No daily maintenance or greasing

“If our combines aren’t moving, we’re not harvesting,” Hruska said. “And with 12 combines and 12 combine operators, ease of operation and the support of our Case IH dealer are critical to a timely harvest.”

Precision farming technology: Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) delivers data that improves decision-making to turn profit into potential. These features make applying settings to different fields or future harvests a simpler process:

Residue Management: High-Efficiency Farming is a complex system — each aspect builds upon a previous or future element. Because future crop success depends on how the combine performed during the last harvest, Axial-Flow combines offer up to eight residue spread settings.

With more than 44,000 acres and 12 combines, Hruska needs an organized harvesting process that offers unmatched efficiency. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how Axial-Flow combines maximize that efficiency, harvest after harvest.


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