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Is There an iPad in Your Field?

The Case IH Crop Production team have been using the iPads with customers since September 2010
The Case IH Crop Production team have been using the iPads with customers since September 2010

Dr. Rob Zemenchik, Case IH Sales and Marketing Manager for Tillage Products, and the Case IH Crop Production team have been using the iPads with customers since September 2010. Zemenchik says that farmers are responding positively to the iPads. “Farmers reach for it,” he says. “They want to take it and look at it themselves. Because we can access the information right on the spot, our conversations can be tailored to customers’ specific interests and are much more efficient and productive, leaving producers more time in the field.”

The Case IH Crop Production iPad application provides all sorts of product information on Case IH planting, seeding, tillage, precision ag, and application equipment, including 3-D walk-arounds of new products, simulators, videos, photos, schematics and literature. The iPad can also access anything on the web right in the field – from pricing configurators on the Case IH website, to the Case IH Be Ready blog, to company press releases.

If you have a tough question for your crop production sales specialist, the iPad provides an “instant-on” visual library of information, from service bulletins to product content presentations.

Using the iPad can even speed up the repair process. If you have a question, a Case IH specialist can use the iPad’s built-in camera to take a photo and email it to the correct person and get timely feedback.

“Case IH is the first in the industry to have our own proprietary app,” says Zemenchik. “It has brought a whole new dimension to learning for our customers.

“The app had to be dynamic, so that any new information could be immediately sent over 3G or WiFi to our dealers or Crop Production Specialists. No booting up, booting down, or fumbling around for CD’s or videotapes. We look forward to adding more.”

Has your Case IH Crop Production representative been around to show you the Case IH Crop Production iPad application? What did you think of the experience?

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  • Michelle G5.11.2011 Reply

    This app for the ipad look great. Will you have something for the android market? or the smartphone market (android smartphone)?

    • CASE IH4.24.2012

      We are looking at expanding our apps, and yes we are looking at supporting android. More to come!

  • Brad6.9.2011 Reply

    how about an iPad or iPhone app available from the app store so we could look at our product manuals and/or look for replacement parts directly from the field?

    • CASE IH6.14.2011

      We are currently looking at what types of apps we should be developing for our customers. Keep the great ideas coming!

  • Marnita6.14.2011 Reply

    Is this App available now or is not available to the public. It doesn’t show up on iTunes Ipad or iPhone App selection.

    • CASE IH6.14.2011

      This app is not available to the public.

  • Matt10.20.2011 Reply

    You should make an app that not only works on IPad/IPhone, but android phones too.

  • Brian Swenseth12.1.2011 Reply

    How does the dealer gain access to this app?

    • CASE IH12.21.2011

      We are looking to expand our iPad apps for our dealers in 2012. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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