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Is Your Combine Ready to Harvest Accurate Data?

Give your precision farming equipment a tuneup before you pull into the field this fall.

Properly used, the field data you gather this harvest season can positively impact decisions for years to come. But only if it’s properly gathered. Preharvest preparation is critical to helping ensure your combine is ready to collect accurate data.

The harvest solutions available through Case IH Advanced Farming Systems help you monitor, map and evaluate data about your crops’ performance. And all Case IH Axial-Flow® combines feature integrated yield and moisture monitoring sensors standard from the factory. Here are some tips to help you head to the field ready to accurately gobble up all the valuable data available to you right along with your crops:

Tap into all available resources. Case IH supports your goals in several ways. Take advantage.

  • Start with your operators manual. A thorough review provides a great refresher on your equipment; how to set it and maintain it.
  • Connect with the Case IH Owners Community and AFS Support Center.
  • Work with your Case IH AFS Certified Dealer. Your dealer can help with inspections, adjustments, training and more.

Inspect sensors. Be sure all AFS data collection points are in place and functioning properly.

Check cables. Normal wear and tear or rodent damage can cause shorts or complete failure. Repair or replace to keep the data flowing.

Calibrate. Yield and moisture data is only as accurate as the equipment gathering it. Calibrate your yield monitor within the season’s first field, whenever you change crops and periodically throughout the harvest.

Connect. Make sure GPS receivers connect and track accurately. Just as it’s important to calibrate early on, check to ensure data is recording. If you use cloud-based services, make sure data is transferring.

Harvest data can tell you a lot about your fields and your production practices. It’s important you take steps to ensure it’s the best, most accurate data possible.


Is Your Data Harvest-ready?

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