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Is Your Data Harvest-ready?

Gather, protect and analyze your precision farming data this summer. It’s a great way to get a jump on harvest.

If summer’s dog days have you looking for a reason to get out of the heat, managing the precision data you’ve gathered could be just the excuse you need. Plus, it’s an important task that deserves your attention before harvest sneaks up on us.

Here are some tips and data management best practices that can help you get the most from your Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) through the rest of the growing season:

Back it up. From tillage to planting to fertilizer and chemical applications, consider how many fields you’ve worked and how many acres you’ve covered this year. Now consider how much valuable data you’ve gained as you crisscrossed all that ground and how devastating the loss of that information would be for your operation. If you haven’t recently backed up your data, do so now and continue to do so frequently.

Confirm the cloud. If you use cloud-based services, check to ensure they’re capturing your data and you can access it.

Get up to speed. This is the perfect time to catch up on and familiarize yourself with the latest AFS updates. Download EST8400 Update 7 through the EST update tool to access several new precision farming features and improvements.

Take time for training. Harvest is when many of us measure success. Precision farming data can be a huge help. But there likely are AFS capabilities you’re not aware of or know how to utilize. Talk with your AFS Certified Dealer about training opportunities available through the Case IH AFS Academy, including free online tutorials and web-based classes you can complete on your schedule — or when you need a break from the heat.

Put your data to work. Whether you’ve got a single season’s worth of data or several years from which to draw, that knowledge can help guide management decisions you can implement this fall. It’s not too early to analyze your data and share it with your agronomist or crop consultant. Together, you can begin mapping out a fall fertility program or putting together a fall tillage plan.

Find the support you need. The AFS Support Center provides access to service and support for all your AFS products while coordinating with your Case IH AFS Certified Dealer. You can talk with AFS support engineers or set up an online account in which you can open service tickets or transfer display files around the clock, year-round.

Take some time this summer to get your data in order and expand your AFS knowledge and skills. You’ll be ready to gather the harvest data you need to make the most-informed decisions possible.


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