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Is Your Equipment Ready to Keep the Grain Flowing?

Make sure your grain-handling equipment is ready to keep your crop away from the combine this fall.

Certainly, there are more pleasant places to spend a summer day than inside a grain bin. But replacing a bearing on an auger during the heat of harvest isn’t much fun either. Spending some time on maintenance now will help keep the grain moving this fall.

Broken belts, worn bearings or burned-out drier burners happen. And they often seem to occur at the worst possible time. Preventive maintenance can’t stop every breakdown, but it can head off some of them. Here are several pre-harvest suggestions on where to focus your efforts:

  • Clean grain bins. Don’t wait until you’re ready to start filling bins at harvest to be reminded about those few bushels you left behind. Check bin walls for rust. Make sure bin floors are solid.
  • Check electricals. If you have an electrical problem with the fan on one of your grain bins, it’s best to discover it now, not when you start filling it. Fire up fans and driers. Turn on other electrical motors and make sure switches work properly. Look for damaged cords and wiring.
  • Methodically work through augers. Check bearings, flightings and safety shields. Make sure gearboxes and PTO universal joints are properly lubed. Flip the switch on electric motors. Check belts and chains.
  • Clean up and organize your shop. Breakdowns are inevitable. Work with your Case IH dealer to locate the parts you’re likely to need during the harvest season. Having them on hand can give you peace of mind that when a bearing goes out or a belt breaks, you can be back up and running in no time, day or night.
  • Complete a thorough safety check. Harvest is the season of many moving parts. It’s important to take all the steps you can to keep you and your co-workers safe, especially during those long days when fatigue can creep in. Consider signing up for a farm-safety refresher course through your local Extension office or other agency.

Unreliable or inefficient grain-handling equipment can slow harvest, reduce grain quality and add to your stress level. Inspections and maintenance today can help make one of the most exciting times of year even more enjoyable.


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