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Is Your Sprayer Ready for Action? Review This Checklist

Early weed competition can hammer yields. Make sure your spray equipment is ready.

The window for every spring task is tight. Lose a week to weather or a major breakdown, and you can feel that window closing. But the weeds and bugs don’t care. And neither will you, if your spray equipment is ready.

Whether it’s a preplant burndown, preemergence foundation herbicide or postemergence application, spray windows play an important role in getting your crops off to a good start.

Here are some checkpoints and steps for removing your equipment from storage so it’s ready to stop that early weed competition:

  • Review the operators manual and storage removal procedures.
  • Check fluid levels and look for leaks before starting the engine.
  • Properly inflate the tires.
  • Inspect hoses; look for wear or cracking.
  • Flush the system with clean water. If you stored it with an antifreeze mix, be sure to cycle through plenty of water.
  • Clean nozzles and check flow rates to ensure uniform output; replace any worn nozzles.
  • Thoroughly inspect structural components; look for metal cracks or breaks. Check for rusted areas; clean and touch up any rusted areas with fresh paint.
  • Examine wiring and the electrical system; make sure all components, switches and lights work.

Proper application starts with calibration. Over- or underapplication isn’t cost-efficient, and it isn’t sound product stewardship. Calibrate your spray equipment under field conditions, not on a gravel road or in the farmyard. Popular methods often are available through the agricultural engineering department at your land-grant university. And don’t forget to check the calibration of wheel or radar speed sensors. A minor change in the angle or position of the radar unit can significantly impact application rates.

You can simplify calibration with a Spray Nozzle Calibrator from your Case IH dealer. Or consider a Sprayer Performance Kit. The kit includes a Spray Nozzle Calibrator plus everything else you need for optimum spraying: a spray boom remote control, water pH tester, spray nozzle air blaster, pressure gauge, cleaner brush, safety gloves and glasses, and a rugged, compact storage case with space for extra nozzles and bodies.

The Sprayer LED Light Kit is another popular option available from your Case IH dealer. The kit includes high-intensity LED lights that support accurate spraying during the night, when plants are less stressed, evaporation is slower, and there is less wind and spray drift. The high-intensity LED lights illuminate the spray from each nozzle so operators can easily see the pattern from the cab. In fact, a patent-pending strobe feature even “freezes” the spray pattern to reveal distortions from blockage or wear.

If you’re ready to upgrade your equipment, Case IH Patriot® series sprayers deliver application without compromise. Thanks to Case IH Agronomic Design, Patriot series sprayers combine technology, engineering and expertise to keep plants healthy and maximize yield potential. Plus, through June 30, 2015, you can get a new Patriot series sprayer with a 36-month rolling interest waiver (followed by the customer qualified rate).* You also can choose either a Premier Protection Plan (PPP)** or a $2,500 Case IH Rewards Card.*** Visit your Case IH dealer to learn more.

Meanwhile, spend some time now preparing your spray equipment so weeds and other pests don’t get a jump on your crops.



*For commercial use only. Customer participation subject to credit qualification and approval by CNH Industrial Capital America LLC or CNH Industrial Capital Canada Ltd. See your Case IH dealer for details and eligibility requirements. Down payment may be required. Offer good through June 30, 2015. Not all customers or applicants may qualify for this rate or term. CNH Industrial Capital America LLC or CNH Industrial Capital Canada Ltd. standard terms and conditions will apply. Canada Example: The interest rate will be 0.00% per annum for 36 months followed by a customer qualified rate of 4.99% per annum for 24 months. Total contract term is 60 months: Based on a retail contract date of April 1, 2015, with a suggested retail price on a new Patriot 3340 Sprayer of C$319,263.00 customer provides down payment of C$48,051.00 and finances the balance of C$271,212.00 at 0.00% per annum for the first 36 months followed by a customer qualified rate of 4.99% per annum for 24 months. There will be 4 equal annual installments of C$55,808.69 the first due on April 1, 2016 and one final installment of $55,808.65 due April 1, 2020. The total amount payable will be C$327,094.41 which includes finance charges of C$7,831.41. Taxes, freight, set-up, delivery, additional options or attachments not included in suggested retail price. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice.

**The Case IH Premier Protection Plan is 3 years or 3,000 total engine hours, whichever occurs first and includes the manufacturer’s base warranty period of 12 months, unlimited hours and Powertrain coverage of 24 months or 2,000 total hours. In year 2 and 3, the coverage will be Premier Protection with a $0 deductible, provided 3,000 total engine hours are not reached in the first 36 month period. Case IH Patriot Sprayer still covered by base warranty at time of PPP registration would qualify for a New Equipment Plan and the protection period would begin at the expiration of base warranty period. Eligible equipment for the Premier Protection Plan include: New Case IH Patriot sprayer Model Year 2014 or newer (model #’s): 2240, 3230, 3240, 3330, 3340, 4430 and 4440. This literature is descriptive only. The precise protection afforded is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the contract as issued. Program participation is subject to customer credit qualification and/or other underwriting requirements. Programs may be changed or cancelled without notice. Capitalized terms used in this literature, unless defined herein, have the meanings assigned to them in the contract as issued. CNH Industrial Insurance Agency Inc. and CNH Industrial Canada Insurance Agency Ltd are AmTrust Financial companies. See your Case IH dealer for more details.

***Case IH Reward Cards will be mailed to qualifying customers within 90 days after the promotion end date which is 6/30/15. Reward Cards are not transferrable and are not refundable for cash, will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed and may be used to purchase eligible parts and related services and products only. Case IH reward cards may not be used toward prior purchases and are eligible for use at any Case IH dealership that accepts the CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus Account. Program subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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