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Keep ’Em or Break ’Em, Resolutions Can Bring Focus

New Year’s resolutions can plant the seeds that sprout new ideas and improve how you farm.

Fun to make, frustrating to keep. So it goes with most New Year’s resolutions. But a thoughtful approach to listing goals or changes for your farming operation in 2015 can open your eyes to areas for improvement.

Considering the changes in agriculture, resolutions to become leaner, spend less and work harder could apply to your personal life or your farming operation. Just for fun, here are 10 New Year’s resolutions to help jump-start your list:

  • Renew your emphasis on farm safety. Make this an every-year resolution.
  • Have more fun. A bad day in the field beats a good day in the office.
  • Never stop learning. It’s a great way to bring new ideas to your operation.
  • Subscribe to the Be Ready You’ll never miss a post.
  • Share your story. If you don’t, who will?
  • Implement at least one new practice. Even if it’s as simple as writing New Year’s resolutions.
  • Find new cost savings. That’s a smart move regardless of the time of year.
  • Try a new marketing tool. The income side of the ledger deserves attention, too.
  • Visit someplace new. Whether it’s the café in the neighboring town or a foreign country, new experiences help keep life interesting.
  • Make time to volunteer. Perhaps you already do, so you understand why. If you haven’t found a volunteer opportunity, check with your church, school or local 4-H Club.

And how about this bonus resolution?: If it ain’t red, leave it in the shed. Case IH appreciates your loyalty and wishes you a productive and profitable 2015.

Whether your resolutions are a formal list or just mental notes, analyzing ways to improve your operation is a good idea. Happy New Year from your friends at Case IH!

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