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Keep Your Baler and Tractor in Sync

New ISOBUS Class 3 functionality of the LB4 series large square balers pairs perfectly with the new Optum series tractors to achieve optimal bale quality.

Whether you are separating wheat from chaff or meticulously seeding row after row, your farm implements perform best when operating at the right pace. The same is true for hay equipment. Now, with the latest technology from Case IH, your baler and tractor can talk about how to achieve that peak efficiency.

The new ISOBUS Class 3 enabled Feedrate Control system — available on select Case IH LB4 series large square balers — helps maximize productivity and efficiency by keeping the baler running at full capacity, no matter the crop yield or level of operator experience. Watch the video to learn more about how this technology can help you cover more ground in tight haying windows:

Take a look at how the baler and tractor talk via ISOBUS Class 3 technology.

This advanced Feedrate Control technology enables the baler to maintain optimal performance by controlling the speed of the tractor. With Feedrate Control, the baler continually adjusts the tractor’s forward speed through ISOBUS Class 3 commands, maintaining desired capacity by using a charge sensor. The system then calculates the best speed based on the information received from the sensors.

Feedrate Control includes two running operations:

  • Charge Control (available on LB334R and LB434R rotor cutter configurations): Charge Control automatically adjusts the tractor’s speed to reach optimal capacity inside the baler. This results in a higher feedrate throughput by up to 9 percent overall.
  • Slice Control (available on all configurations of LB334 and LB434 models): Slice Control automatically adjusts the tractor’s speed based on bale slice thickness. This allows the operator to predetermine the number of slices per bale to create more consistency.

The technology helps make you more efficient, too. Without the need to monitor tractor speed, you can work in comfort and with less fatigue. You’ll also enjoy greater peace of mind knowing each bale is consistent in quality, flake size and shape.

Tractors that Listen

Feedrate Control pairs perfectly with the ISOBUS Class 3 functionality offered across the Case IH hay and forage tractor lineup. Choose the Model Year 2016 Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Optum™, Puma® or Maxxum® tractor best suited to your operation. Communicating through AFS Connect™, the new ISOBUS Class 3 functionality not only helps your baler achieve maximum productivity and optimal bale quality, it can increase fuel savings by up to 4 percent — a direct result of more efficient baler operation. 

Now that you’ve seen how your baler and tractor can communicate, it’s time to talk with your Case IH dealer to learn more about our full lineup of innovative hay and forage equipment.

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