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Kits From CNH Parts & Service Help You Get the Job Done

Among the aftersales products featured this season are new parts kits from Case IH that make it easy to order everything you need to successfully upgrade, maintain and repair your equipment.

Here are just a few of the new genuine Case IH parts kits that are currently available:

The Sprayer Performance Kit includes everything you need for optimal spraying: a spray nozzle calibrator, spray boom remote control, water pH tester, spray nozzle air blaster, pressure gauge, cleaner brush, safety gloves and glasses, and a rugged, compact storage case with space for extra nozzles and bodies.

The Sprayer LED Light Kit includes high-intensity LED lights that support accurate spraying during the night, when plants are less stressed, evaporation is slower, and there is less wind and spray drift. The high-intensity LED lights illuminate the spray from each nozzle so operators can easily see the pattern from the cab. In fact, a patent-pending strobe feature even “freezes” the spray pattern to reveal distortions from blockage or wear.

The Lincoln Quicklub® Kit is designed to lubricate up to 48 lube points on Case IH Patriot® sprayers. The Lincoln Quicklub® kit includes a Lincoln Quicklub 203 12-volt DC electric pump that’s designed to support Case IH grease applications, one primary and eight secondary divider valves that are pre-configured to deliver the precise amount of lubrication to each lube point, all system fittings, mounting brackets, guarding and hardware, and a one-year warranty.

Quadtrac® Clear Cap Kits make it easy to view and maintain proper oil levels for idler and roller wheels – and prevent component replacement due to idler and roller damage. These kits are available for Case IH STX, Steiger® and 9300 Series Quadtrac tractors, Steiger Rowtrac™ tractors and Axial-Flow® combines equipped with tracks.

Engine Overhaul Kits include all the precise-fitting parts you’ll need to overhaul an engine. Kits include all cylinder/piston kits, a complete overhaul gasket set, all rods and main bearings, front and rear crankshaft seals, pistons and rings that come pre-installed in sleeves to save on installation time and prevent damage, and a one-year parts and labor warranty.

These genuine Case IH parts kits are all aimed at helping you get the best performance from your equipment.  Look for more repair and performance kits from your Case IH dealer, or order online at

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