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Listen In As We Share Planting Tips on Ag PhD Radio

From seedbed preparation to consistent planting depth to proper furrow closing, many elements must come together for fast, uniform crop emergence.

You only get one chance to get your crop planted right — planted in a way that helps ensure fast, uniform emergence and gives plants the best opportunity to achieve their full yield potential. So before you head to the field, we hope you take a few minutes to hear what Case IH Planter Marketing Manager Tony McClelland has to say about planting success.

Tony recently spoke on Ag PhD Radio about how the features of the 2000 series Early Riser® planters allow you to properly place seed in all types of field conditions. Be sure to listen as Tony shares how Case IH High-Efficiency Farming brings together the elements that can help your crop get off to a quick, uniform start. You’ll hear him talk about several aspects of planting, including:

  • Proper seedbed preparation — above and below the soil surface
  • Consistent planting depth across the planter
  • Achieving optimal seed-to-soil contact
  • Planting success at higher speeds
  • No-till planting tips

If you want to learn more about properly setting and adjusting the features of your planter or about how the 2000 series Early Riser planters can help you maximize yields on your farm, talk to your Case IH dealer. It’s a great way to help ensure you make the most of your one chance to get your crop planted right.


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