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Magnum CVT Delivers Smooth Power and Simple Operation

Keith Wehrle says the Case IH CVT is simple to operate and provides precise control of ground speed.

Smooth, simple and powerful. These are the words Iowa producer Keith Wehrle uses to describe the Magnum CVT’s performance on his 5,500-acre corn and soybean operation.

“You just move the lever forward or back. There’s no joystick to work with,” he says.

Intrigued with the promise of smooth stepless power, Keith originally purchased a tractor equipped with a CVT for applications including snow removal and light dirt work. About the time Case IH introduced the CVT models of its high-horsepower Magnum tractors, Keith wanted a more powerful row-crop tractor.

“We went to a liquid starter kit for our corn planter,” he says. The system he chose includes a pair of 500-gallon tractor-mounted tanks with mounting brackets that attach to the hubs of the rear duals. Fully loaded, it adds about 12,000 pounds. “We needed more horsepower.”

The Magnum 370 CVT, at 305 PTO hp, delivers about 50 hp more than the tractor he previously owned. With more horsepower and larger tires, Keith says this tractor is a good match for his current planting system of the mounted tanks and a Case IH Early Riser® 1250 24-row planter.

Consistent planting power

The Case IH CVT lets you set the upper and lower engine rpm limits you want for the job at hand. Then, when you select the ground speed you want using the MultiFunction Handle, the tractor’s Automatic Productivity Management (APM) system finds the most efficient combination of engine speed and transmission gear ratio to maintain that ground speed as loads vary.

During planting, Keith sets a fairly tight rpm range, but for jobs that don’t require steady rpms, he enjoys the ability to set a wider range. “Whether uphill or downhill, the system holds the ground speed to the limits of the tractor’s power,” he says.

Ease, efficiency and productivity

The ability to target the perfect speed for the job, along with simple and total control of the tractor’s ground speed are major benefits — but above all, Keith counts ease, efficiency and productivity as his biggest gains. To learn more about Keith’s experience with the Magnum CVT, check out the latest issue of Farm Forum. Then, talk to your Case IH dealer about putting this technology to use on your operation.

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