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Make Rainy Days Productive Days

Planning and preparation can help ensure you and your equipment are ready to roll as soon as your fields dry.

Depending on the year, spring rains can bring needed moisture or frustrating delays. Regardless, rainy days provide time to catch up on maintenance and repairs. And that can reduce downtime when the sun shines.

A good plan can make rainy days more productive. Maintain a checklist as issues arise. Identify parts and supplies you’ll need and make sure you have them on hand. You can order many items online through the Case IH Partstore. You also can access equipment manuals and parts catalogs with detailed diagrams.

When rain shuts down fieldwork, a prioritized approach will help you Be Ready for the next stretch of spring work:


  • Work through your checklist of known issues
  • Replace worn parts before they become broken parts
  • Check for cracks or breaks in metal frames, hoses and belts


  • Change oil and filters
  • Top off hydraulic and coolant fluids
  • Grease and lube all equipment as recommended
  • Clean or replace engine and cab air filters
  • Check air pressure on all tires
  • Ensure all safety equipment is in place
  • Visit our Red and Ready Productivity Hub for productivity tips, maintenance checklists and parts information


  • Clear dust and debris from nooks and crannies, especially around electrical connections
  • Wash cab windows and mirrors

Look ahead

  • Order or adjust orders for fertilizer, pesticides and seed
  • Check your on-farm fuel storage and ensure supplies are adequate
  • Prepare the next piece of equipment, whether for planting, spraying or haying

Don’t be lax on safety. A somewhat less-hectic rainy day demands the same focus and attention as in-field repairs. Make sure equipment is turned off and stabilized. Block wheels to prevent equipment from rolling. Never crawl under equipment on a jack unless it is properly secured with blocks or jack stands. Wear proper protective gear and take your time.

Rainy days can provide a needed break during the busy spring season. Think of it as a time to rejuvenate your equipment as well as your mind and body.

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