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Make Sure You’re Harvesting Accurate Data

A midharvest checkup can help ensure you’re capturing accurate data.

When everything’s rolling along smoothly during the heat of harvest, it’s tough to tempt fate. But precision-farming equipment isn’t set-it-and-forget-it technology. So, even if your preharvest preparation was thorough, it’s likely time for a checkup.

Accurate data collection requires periodic inspection and calibration. Consider a 10 percent variance on 200-bushel-per-acre corn. Your yield data could come in at 180 bushels per acre or as high as 240 bushels per acre. That’s a large yield swing on which to base future cropping decisions.

Depending on your combine and precision-farming equipment and technology, yield calculations rely on several data points, including grain flow, ground speed, moisture content and distance traveled.1 The more accurate each of those measurements is, the more reliable the yield data. Extension specialists offer several best management practices focused on these areas:

  • Mass flow and grain moisture sensors — calibrate to ensure accuracy
  • Lag time settings — adjust to align with logged GPS points and other sensor data
  • Header position settings — ensure the sensor is properly installed, and then raise and lower the header only when exiting or entering the uncut crop
  • Distance traveled — avoid sudden starts and stops to reduce errors

Additionally, we recommend frequent checks to ensure data is recording and, if you use cloud-based services, to make sure data is transferring.

Field-ready, ready to work

All Case IH Axial-Flow® combines feature yield- and moisture-monitoring sensors standard from the factory. These components integrate seamlessly with Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS). Our harvest solutions help you monitor, map and evaluate data about your crops’ performance. The AFS Pro 700 display serves as your interface to calibrate sensors, view yield and moisture information, monitor combine performance and control machine functions. You don’t have to install anything extra.

Support from Case IH

To complete your midharvest checkup, turn to your operators manual for guidance about calibration and settings. The AFS Support Center gives you access to an AFS support engineer who is dedicated to keeping you rolling in the field. Keep an eye out for the latest downloads and updates to make sure your equipment is current. Your Case IH AFS Certified Dealer also stands ready to help with calibrations, adjustments, training and more.

When you put these resources to work, you can efficiently recalibrate your equipment and get back to harvest with peace of mind in knowing you’re capturing the best data possible.


Brochure: Advanced Farming Systems

AFS Support

1Luck JD, Fulton JP. Best Management Practices for Collecting Accurate Yield Data and Avoiding Errors During Harvest. University of Nebraska website. Copyright 2014. Accessed October 13, 2016.
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