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Manage Crop Residue to Your Advantage

When managed right, crop residue offers many agronomic and economic advantages.

High yields, heavy crop residue: It’s a challenging cycle. It also can be a balancing act, as you strive to capture agronomic and economic benefits through proper crop residue management.

Crop residue management is among seven agronomic aspects Case IH has identified as focal points that can help improve yield potential. Other areas include soil tilth, seed bed conditions, seed placement accuracy, plant food availability, crop protection and harvest quality.

Fall is the season for crop residue management. From the combine header and even distribution out the back to decisions about tillage and fertilizer application, how you manage crop residue this fall will have a big impact next spring. Case IH has compiled valuable information about crop residue management in an Agronomic Design℠ Insights white paper. The educational guide addresses three important areas that can help inform your crop residue management decisions:

  • Agronomic and economic benefits of utilizing residue in the soil
  • Challenges and opportunities associated with liberating the nutritive value of crop reside from today’s tough hybrids
  • How the right equipment can help you maximize the cycling and availability of nutrients in residue and improve soil organic matter

Our full line of tillage and fertilizer application equipment is built on the foundation of Case IH Agronomic Design principles. These agronomic advantages shine through in the new True-Tandem 375 disk harrow.

The new True-Tandem 375 helps improve soil tilth on every front, from crop residue management to reduced surface compaction and thorough soil mixing. It provides better residue cutting, sizing and distribution into the soil. Yet it accomplishes that with a smoother finish out the back for a high-quality seed bed.

Evaluate your field conditions during and after harvest this fall. Then talk with your Case IH dealer about designing a crop residue management program specific to your operation.

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