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Managing Soil Compaction

At the recent AG CONNECT Expo, a panel of Case IH experts, moderated by Jim Patrico, senior editor of DTN/The Progressive Farmer, offered advice on how to manage your agronomic challenges in 2013. In this and upcoming posts, we’ll feature video highlights from their discussion regarding three topics: soil compaction, crop residue and shifting crop patterns/practices.

Machinery traffic in wet fields can compact soil and affect your field’s yield potential. This video provides recommendations to manage soil compaction using agronomically designed equipment. Recommendations are given by Rob Zemenchik, Case IH Tillage Marketing Manager; Ryan Schaefer, Case IH High Horsepower Tractors Marketing Manager; and Nate Weinkauf, Case IH Combines Marketing Manager.

In the video, they talk about the importance of:

  • Seedbed preparation and how seed trench compaction in the spring is detrimental to early rooting, which sets the stage for yield potential throughout the year
  • Tracks on combines and taking advantage of a narrow harvest window
  • A balanced axel load with Quadtrac® technology
  • Scouting fields and utilizing information gathered from Advance Farming Systems®
  • Mitigating compaction risks with implements and farming practices

How do you deal with soil compaction?

Stay tuned for our next post discussing crop residue and options for residue uniformity.

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