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Match Your Tillage Tools to Your Field Conditions

The right tillage equipment can help you manage this spring’s toughest field conditions.

The saying goes: If you don’t like the weather, just give it 15 minutes. The same goes for field conditions: If you don’t like them this spring, just wait until next year. The problem is that sitting out the season isn’t an option.

Unlike waiting out the weather, you can do something about challenging field conditions. And it starts with the right Case IH tillage equipment properly adjusted to your soils, crop-residue levels and tillage system.

No matter which tillage tool you’re using, Purdue University agronomists recommend keeping tillage as shallow as possible and limiting passes across the field.1 Soils dry to the depth of tillage, so shallow tillage helps preserve moisture for the growing crop. In wet fields, deeper tillage can cause soil smearing and compaction.

Your Case IH dealer can help you choose the best tillage implement for this year’s challenges — from managing crop residue to hard, crusted or compacted soils to creating the ideal seedbed. Meanwhile, here is how our full line of tillage tools can provide solutions on your farm:

True-Tandem disk harrows. True-Tandem disk harrow technology combines uniformly distributed pull forces with exclusive Earth Metal® blades for optimal tillage performance. Case IH disk harrows help you effectively manage soil and residue without compaction. Slice through tough residue, uproot root balls and level the soil to create the best possible seedbed for your crop.

Vertical tillage. Case IH vertical tillage equipment is the fast and efficient way to cover a lot of acres, manage crop residue and level the soil. Our new True-Tandem 335 Bar​racuda vertical tillage tool sets a new standard for aggressive crop residue and soil management. The 335 Barracuda effectively sizes and evenly incorporates even the most stubborn crop residue to leave behind a blacker surface finish than other vertical tillage tools. The rugged design is built for reliability at high speeds.

Tiger-Mate® 200 field cultivator. The Case IH Tiger-Mate 200 field cultivator creates a firm, level seedbed that provides an optimal growing environment. By providing uniform soil distribution for faster drydown, the Tiger-Mate 200 allows you to plant earlier for an extended growing season with faster germination.

Strip-till. Enhance your seedbed conditions while you manage crop residue, improve soil tilth and band plant food in the root zone with Case IH custom-fit strip-till systems, including the Nutri-Tiller 950 and the Nutri-Tiller 5310. Custom-fit options help you handle your crop residue management practices.

No matter the condition you left your fields in last fall or how much — or little — progress you’ve made this spring, Case IH offers the tillage tools you need to precisely prepare your fields for planting. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how matching the right equipment with your unique needs can help your crops get off to a fast, uniform start.


Primary tillage options: disk rippers and in-line rippers

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1Purdue University News Service. Tillage operations present options for seedbed preparation. Purdue University website. Posted April 13, 2009. Accessed April 8, 2016.
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