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Follow the ProHarvest Tour

This year’s ProHarvest support tour kicks off May 25 and 26 with the annual operator and safety training sessions.

A proactive approach is the only approach to farm safety. That’s why Case IH annually launches its ProHarvest support tour with a safety training session. It’s a wildly popular, fast-approaching event. Plan now to attend May 25 or 26 in Oklahoma.

It’s a 30-year tradition. Every wheat harvest, Case IH dispatches two support teams — backed by seasoned pros and stocked with thousands of genuine Case IH parts — to address harvesters’ unique equipment needs on the spot. The ProHarvest tour starts in South Texas and follows Axial-Flow® combine custom harvesters and their crews as harvest progresses north through the U.S. Wheat Belt and into Canada.

The tour officially begins May 25 and 26 when the ProHarvest team provides annual operator training and orientation for Case IH equipment — and safety training for all producers, regardless of their make of equipment — at Great Plains Technical College in Frederick, Okla. Meetings begin each day at 7 a.m. with a complimentary breakfast.

For more information about ProHarvest support and the upcoming operator training and safety session, contact your Case IH ProHarvest dealer. You’ll find them throughout the wheat run. And be sure to follow the ProHarvest support tour throughout the season — we’ll be posting regular updates from the harvest trail.


  • May 13: May 25 and 26 kick-off the annual ProHarvest Tour safety meetings in Frederick, Oklahoma. Plan to attend for an in-depth training for all producers, regardless of equipment.
  • June 3: The ProHarvest East Support Trailer is currently at Asco in Wichita Falls, Texas, while the West Trailer is at Wylie & Son in Munday, Texas. Steady rains have kept most combines parked without much cutting.



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