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Meet the High-Speed, High-Tech 2130 Early Riser Planter

The new Case IH 2130 Early Riser stack-fold planter allows you to easily maneuver and plant as close as possible to an irrigation ditch or pipe.

When planting, convenience and productivity are key. That’s why the new 2130 Early Riser® stack-fold planter from Case IH provides convenient bulk-fill and fertilizer options for accurate, high-speed planting.

Expanding the 2000 series Early Riser planter lineup, the 2130 model includes new features to enhance productivity for high-tech strip-till and flood irrigation operations. Available in five configurations, this new planter is rebuilt from the ground up — from rugged row unit to the industry’s most accurate Precision Planting® technology. These models are built to plant all your crops, from corn to cotton and peanuts to dry edible beans, and come in 30-, 36-, 38- and 40-inch row spacing.


This new planter can be customized from the factory to fit the way you farm, from irrigated acres to wide row configurations and multiple crop types. The stack-fold configuration brings row units close to the tractor, allowing you to easily maneuver and plant as close as possible to an irrigation ditch or pipe. Plus, the mounted design eliminates draft, so the planter more precisely follows guidance lines — making the 2130 planter perfect for high-tech strip-till operations.

Accurately and efficiently cover acres

For the first time, these stack-fold planters will be available with a 50-bushel bulk-fill tank option and factory-fit liquid fertilizer system. This new option delivers a high-speed planter fit for many terrain and crop types.


The bulk-fill tank option brings increased seed capacity and reliable seed delivery for more efficiency with each pass. The tank allows you to carry 2.2 times more seed on a 12-row planter and 1.6 times more seed on a 16-row planter when compared with on-row hoppers.


The fully integrated in-furrow liquid fertilizer delivery system with row-by-row shutoffs gives you more accuracy when planting. It also distributes weight evenly across the planter, allowing consistent pressure on your gauge wheels and accurate seed depth regardless of the speed or soil conditions. For added support and weight distribution, optional lift-assist wheels are available.


Stack-and-go portability

The heavy-duty toolbar on the 2130 planter provides a solid frame for a smooth, durable stack-fold system. During planting, weight is evenly distributed across the tractor, maximizing flotation and minimizing compaction. The stacker folding system performs fast, convenient stacking, so operators can get in and out of the field quickly and efficiently.


The 2130 planter complements the existing 2000 series Early Riser Planter lineup, with a row unit that delivers more accurate seed placement and consistent seed depth for fast, uniform emergence. Talk with your Case IH dealer about which model is best suited to your individual farming practices and field conditions.


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