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Meet the #RaisedRed Photo Contest Winners

The Case IH 175th anniversary is about more than technical innovation, Agronomic Design and High-Efficiency Farming — it’s about you. Over the course of six weeks, your photos and stories played an important role in showcasing a 175-year legacy through our #RaisedRed photo contest.

Hundreds of entries were received, with participants showing off photos and telling their stories about farming with red equipment — many for generations. Each and every contribution proved how special it is to be #RaisedRed.

We are pleased to announce Kristie Sullivan, from Rothsay, Minnesota, as the grand prize winner of the #RaisedRed photo contest! Kristie will enjoy a VIP trip to our headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin, and Research and Engineering Center in Burr Ridge, Illinois, plus see the sights of downtown Chicago. Read Kristie’s story below.

Our son David (3) is a sixth generation farmer from a farm dating back to the early 1900s started by my great- great-grandparents, Jacob and Rose Steiner who immigrated to Akron Township, MN, from Switzerland. Our family farm is now the Jerry Steiner Farm and is owned and operated by my dad (David’s grandpa) who can be seen waving to his grandson in this photo. David, along with his three sisters, is being #RaisedRed and is proud to represent America’s #InternationalHarvesters.


Also, meet the two runners-up.

Robert Gordon from Bucoda, Washington:

I grew up with red tractors, my grandpa was an IH parts manager, my dad a field mechanic. We also farmed with IH equipment, they are both gone now, I’ve gotten more red tractors and my kids are growing up International fans.


Chad Branton from Stafford, New York:

I’ve been working on my family farm since I was 10 years old. Started running combine at 9 by myself. We’ve always run red combines. Purchased this old J. I. Case 600 this past year and had it out in the wheat field to run it. We also have an IH 1460, Case IH 2388 and Case IH 8120.


It’s been an incredible 175 years. We look forward to the next 175 for making memories with future generations who make their living from the earth.


Case IH #RaisedRed photo contest

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