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New 250 Series Combines, Innovations Ramp Up Harvest Efficiency

New 250 series Axial-Flow combines from Case IH with optional AFS Harvest Command combine automation system.

When you head to the field at harvest, your goal is to leave the field with the most, highest-quality grain possible. New Axial-Flow® 250 series combines, coupled with our innovative combine automation system, will help you hit the mark.

By adding the new 250 series combines, Case IH gives you access to the industry’s largest lineup of combines — a lineup sure to meet the unique needs of your individual operation and perfectly suited to the way you like to farm. From header to spreader, Axial-Flow 40 series combines and now the new Axial-Flow 250 series combines, are designed with an emphasis on reliability and preserving the quality of more than 134 grain types.

Combines for a high-efficiency harvest

Designed to optimize grain quality and grain savings, the new 250 series combines feature 2-speed electric shift ground drive, adjustable rotor cage vanes and an improved feeder house design.

The redesigned feeder house features improved durability and reliability in the most-demanding crop conditions. An optional feeder fore/aft face plate control allows in-cab adjustments, and a redesigned feeder top shaft drive coupler features a crown spline design for greatly improved durability. A simple, two-piece feeder floor design increases durability and improves crop feeding. Plus, with up to 13,500 pounds in lift capacity, it can handle even the largest chopping corn head on the market.

The new 2-speed electric shift ground drive transmission simplifies operation to just two gears: first gear for harvest; second gear for roading. This transmission also offers increased tractive effort with a Hi/Lo propulsion system, so you can toggle between Hi and Lo ranges during harvest. Adjustable, wider speed ranges deliver more power and greater torque for climbing hills and propulsion through challenging ground conditions — all without the need to shift gears. Closed-loop sensing ensures constant speed control — like cruise control in a truck.

Optional in-cab adjustable rotor cage vanes let you fine-tune the rotors to optimize threshing and separating in varying crop conditions and efficiently change from one crop to another. Or you can choose the standard manually adjustable gang of cage vanes. New threshing chamber door seals help reduce chaff and dust buildup on the combine frame.

Automation delivers big advantages

Harvest at peak efficiency with the new AFS Harvest Command combine automation system, available exclusively on the new Axial-Flow 250 series combines. This advanced technology simplifies harvest by proactively sensing and optimizing machine settings to maximize grain quality and grain savings.

Patent-pending technology and 16 sensors throughout the machine help AFS Harvest Command automatically adjust seven combine settings as crop conditions change. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing even an inexperienced operator can achieve the productivity of an expert operator.

Simply choose the mode of automation to match your harvesting goals. From there, AFS Harvest Command takes over. Each automation mode prioritizes different harvesting outcomes — from grain quality to grain savings to throughput — and continually optimizes machine performance, based on the limits set by the operator and crop and field conditions as they change throughout the day.


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