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New Maxxum Delivers Efficiency Across Your Farm

The next generation of Maxxum series tractors combines the flexibility and productivity you need — from fieldwork and chores around the family farm to the most demanding commercial farming operations.

As you search for new efficiencies in every aspect of your operation, take a look at the next generation of Maxxum® series tractors. From a new lineup that helps you stretch your equipment investment, these innovative tractors will help you Rethink Productivity.

From the farmyard to the field, these new Maxxum tractors integrate the strength, durability and versatility you need to get more done with a single tractor. It’s the most innovative advancement for Maxxum tractors since the transition to the patented SCR-only emissions solution in 2012.

Pick the transmission that’s right for your farm

The list of innovations across the next-generation Maxxum tractors is long. You’ll find powertrain enhancements at the top. You now can choose from three configurations:

  • ActiveDrive 4 semi-powershift transmission
  • ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission
  • CVXDrive continuously variable transmission

The new ActiveDrive 8 transmission introduces double-clutch transmission technology to the Case IH tractor lineup. This latest innovation delivers uninterrupted torque through more working speeds, faster shuttle shifts and simplified shifting. The 24-speed transmission features eight powershift speeds in three electronically shifted ranges. The middle range offers working speeds between 2.4 and 10.7 mph without torque interruptions or range changes, making it the ideal range for 90 percent of field applications.

The ultimate loader tractor

With a well-earned reputation as an outstanding choice for loader use, Maxxum series tractors aggressively shuttle between forward and reverse. A simple push of a button lets you tailor the responsiveness of the dedicated forward and reverse shuttle clutches to the task at hand. Plus, innovations such as Adaptive Steering Control (variable ratio steering) as well as automated transmission features, including memory shuttle and brake-to-clutch, help reduce operator fatigue during repetitive material handling tasks.

This next step of the Maxxum series tractors’ evolution includes additional highlights:

  • An aggressive new grill and hood styling enhances cooling system performance.
  • Mechanical efficiencies in the transmission and automated features reduce fluid consumption by up to 5 percent, compared with the previous model.
  • An optional advanced loader joystick puts speed control at your fingertips during loader operation.
  • A heavy-duty 2WD configuration meets the needs of diverse farming operations.
  • A class 4 Heavy Duty MFD front axle — the toughest MFD front axle ever offered on Maxxum tractors — stands up to the most demanding applications.

As you evaluate your 2018 equipment needs, talk to your Case IH dealer about which configuration — Maxxum ActiveDrive 4, Maxxum ActiveDrive 8 or Maxxum CVXDrive — best meets the needs of your operation. From there, select from five models ranging from 116 to 145 engine hp (95 to 125 PTO hp), and then further equip and customize your tractor to deliver the best return possible from your equipment investment.


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