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New Narrow Row Headers Put More Grain in the Tank, Faster

When you select the ideal row width for your operation, you’re aiming to maximize every acre’s potential. But you can’t get there if your combine header doesn’t do its part. Rest assured, the completely redesigned Case IH 4400 series combine headers get the job done — and then some.

The expansion of our 4400 series corn headers lineup with all-new narrow row configuration options delivers ultimate grain savings. From the row unit and frame to the gear box and power drive, we reimagined and redesigned these models to match the performance of Axial-Flow® combines. You can count on these headers to meet the unique needs of 20- and 22-inch rows as you strive to achieve a High-Efficiency Farming operation.

The new design focuses on five performance areas to help you pick cleaner and faster while saving more grain and bringing in more down corn.

  1. Pick cleaner to reduce the material other than grain (MOG) coming into the corn head and combine, increasing harvest productivity.
  2. Increase picking speeds by boosting corn head capacity to match today’s high-yielding corn and high-speed harvest practices.
  3. Save more grain with a redesigned corn head — from the dividers to the opening of the feeder house — to gently transition grain from the head to the combine.
  4. Pick up down corn with row units that sweep the stalk into the stalk roll, ensuring an efficient harvest even in the most adverse conditions.
  5. Improve combine flotation with reduced overall header weight.

Designed for enhanced grain savings

Several other features contribute to the grain-saving capabilities of the new 4400 series narrow row corn heads. These features include:

Reduced weight: Take a load off your combine with a lightweight header — up to 2,000 pounds less than competitive models — that floats just above the ground and reduces compaction.

Fully configurable: Available in chopping and nonchopping configurations to fit your residue management system.

Improved drives: Separate drive lines now power the row units and choppers, providing more efficient power control and additional protection to the drive lines.

Optional tall-corn attachment: New flip-up tall corn attachments are integrated into the outer dividers and help prevent loss of corn ears over the ends of headers when harvesting in tall stands of corn.

Streamlined design: Power is driven from gear boxes in the center of header and split equally to right and left side of the header. This clean design improves power flow.

Stalk roll spirals: Updated stalk roll spiral patterns are now optimized for today’s high-yielding corn, handling a wider range of stalk diameters and stalk health.

Improved grain savings: Divider profile and hood design aid in smoother crop flow. Then CornLouvers channel corn ears and loose kernels into header for enhanced grain savings.

If you’re harvesting 250-bushel corn with a header built for 150 bushels, talk to your Case IH dealer about the new 4400 series corn headers — a header made for today and the future.


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