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New Patriot® 2250 Powers Through Tough Conditions

The new Patriot 2250 sprayer features the increased power you need to cover more acres, more efficiently.

Harvest often drives home the importance of timely pesticide application. Visual observations — backed up by your combine’s yield monitor — show how weeds, insects and other pests hurt yields. Case IH designed the new high-powered Patriot 2250 sprayer to help you protect the yield potential of your crops.

Rough fields and rolling terrain can test the limits of application equipment. The new 660-gallon-capacity Patriot 2250 sprayer features the increased power, torque and capacities you need to push through those limits and cover more acres, more efficiently every day. Along with more muscle, you’ll also benefit from the increased fuel efficiency that comes with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-only emissions technology.

It’s because of these high-powered features that the Patriot 2250 sprayer has been nominated for the CropLife Iron Product of the Year — and we need your votes to win. Click here to cast your vote for Case IH.

Using a Case IH FPT 6.7-L engine, the new Patriot 2250 sprayer is rated at 175 horsepower — a 6 percent increase over the Patriot 2240 model — and peaks at an impressive 190 horsepower, nearly 10 percent higher than its Patriot 2240 counterpart. Best of all, Case IH Efficient Power technology frees the engine to produce more raw power and torque with less fuel while meeting Tier 4 B/Final requirements.

But the new Patriot 2250 brings more to the field than extra horsepower. Consider these additional enhancements:

  • A new four-speed range hydrostatic drive
  • Sauer® Danfoss® Series 90 heavy-duty hydrostatic pumps and new front-wheel motors for on-the-go shifting
  • Increased diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) capacities — more than enough to run all day
  • A completely redesigned service center — similar in layout to larger Patriot models — makes tendering the Patriot 2250 sprayer simple and efficient
  • A new, easy-open clamshell design on the rear-engine hood provides improved accessibility

A variety of options, including a new front-fill design and advanced radio features, let you fine-tune your sprayer to suit your operation’s unique needs. Boom choices include 60/80 feet or 60/90 feet and feature a parallel-link attachment for a wide range of heights. The new Patriot 2250 is compatible with all Case IH precision ag technology offerings, including AIM Command® or AIM Command PRO spray systems, AFS AccuGuide autoguidance, AccuBoom automatic boom section control and AutoBoom automatic boom height control.

Having the power and capacity to run all day is of little value if the ride wears you out before lunchtime. The new Patriot 2250 comes with comfort features that help you stay productive through those long hours. The cab-forward, rear-engine configuration of the Patriot series provides optimal weight distribution. This, coupled with industry-leading suspension and an exceptional work space, helps you put in the hours necessary to tackle short application windows.

As you roll through the harvest season, note areas where better, timely weed control or insect control might have helped fill your combine’s grain tank faster. Then make plans to talk with your Case IH dealer about the new Patriot 2250 sprayer. You just might need more storage for next year’s crop.

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