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New True-Tandem™ 375 Handles Tough Fields

Case IH True-Tandem 375 Disk Harrow
The new Case IH True-Tandem 375 disk harrow is a flexible year-round tillage tool for a wide range of soil types and moisture conditions.

As you survey each harvested field this fall, you’re likely already thinking about what you need to accomplish before you return with the planter come spring. The rugged new Case IH True-Tandem 375 disk harrow offers the peace of mind you need for a good winter’s rest.

Saturated soils and heavy, stubborn crop residue require tough tillage tools. The new True-Tandem 375 — featuring a pull frame with heavy-walled tubing, a spring-cushioned hitch, 24-inch Earth Metal® blades and a new TigerPaw™ Crumbler® rolling reel option — delivers a higher standard for ruggedness and agronomics.

Field conditions this year reminded many of us about the importance of crop residue management and soil tilth. The new True-Tandem 375 disk harrow helps improve soil tilth on every front, from crop residue management to reduced surface compaction and thorough soil mixing.

Case IH Agronomic Design℠ helps make the True-Tandem 375 the best-in-class multipurpose tandem disk. Building on the legacy of Case IH True-Tandem design, blades in the rear gangs track between the blades on the front gangs for a true full-width cut, leaving no uncut gaps. That’s important, whether slicing through crop residue in the fall or taking out an early weed flush before spring planting.

Designed for a wide range of soil types and moisture conditions, the True-Tandem 375 offers flexibility without sacrificing durability. Features that ramp up the ruggedness and versatility of the True-Tandem 375 include:

  • Crimp center, 24-inch Earth Metal blades that are formulated using a special steel alloy, as well as a proprietary process, and have proven to be stronger and more durable than other blades
  • New rollable blade options for producers who prefer that sharpening technique
  • Disk blade concavity options to match the needs of the operation:
    • Shallow concavity blades on the front gang with standard concavity blades on the rear gang allow for higher ground speeds, more productivity and better ground penetration
    • Standard concavity blades on the front and rear allow for maximum soil and residue mixing for improved soil tilth
  • An 18-degree gang angle matched to the blade concavity for thorough soil mixing and level seed bed finishing without excessive compaction
  • An extended frame that provides ruggedness, balance and more stability in the field
  • Heavy-wall tubing and pull frame engineered for reliability across nearly any terrain
  • A spring-cushioned front tongue “perfect hitch” clevis for added durability
  • A high-flotation, stubble-resistant tire option for greater productivity
  • A new optional, hydraulically adjustable TigerPaw Crumbler rolling reel or spring pressure applied coil-tine harrow to help produce more-uniform clod sizing and residue distribution

Case IH agronomic advantages shine through in the True-Tandem 375. It provides better residue cutting, sizing and distribution into the soil. Yet it accomplishes that with a smoother finish out the back for a high-quality seed bed.

The True-Tandem is available in working widths from 22 to 37 feet so you can choose a size to match most tractors. Use it alone or in combination with other types of tillage operations to achieve soil conditions that support uniform crop emergence and development.

Talk with your Case IH dealer about the new True-Tandem 375, and ask how its flexibility and durability can enhance your tillage program.

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