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New True-Tandem™ Barracuda Tackles Tough Residue

Tough crop residue requires aggressive management to achieve soil conditions ideal for uniform crop emergence.

Today’s high-powered genetics produce more grain than ever. Those advanced traits also yield record amounts of plant material — tough, stubborn crop residue that demands aggressive management. The new True-Tandem 335 Barracuda vertical tillage tool from Case IH provides the help your fields need.

Watch the video to see how industry-exclusive serrated blades and greater concavity than most other vertical tillage blades on the market help the Barracuda easily slice through tough residue, uproot root balls and level the soil. With the potential for a blacker surface finish and increased nutrient cycling for the next crop, the new Barracuda helps produce the ideal environment for residue breakdown and, ultimately, seedling development.

A deeper cut

Built on proven Agronomic Design principles, this rugged addition to the industry-leading Case IH vertical tillage lineup quickly cuts, incorporates and evenly distributes the most stubborn crop residue up to 4 inches deep.

The new 22-inch Earth Metal® blades help the Barracuda reach those deeper depths without sacrificing a smooth field finish or efficiency. The blades penetrate hard, dry soils and break through surface compaction layers to promote soil movement and uniform density. New chisel-tipped serrations allow the blades to retain sharpness and durability, even under tough field conditions.

As the chisel-tipped teeth wear, the valley between each tip stays sharp, retaining the cutting edge and extending the blade’s lifetime. Combined with the high-quality Earth Metal material, the blades are built for durability that stands up to rocky terrain and uneven ground — even at high speeds.

The toughness you demand

The True-Tandem 335 Barracuda vertical tillage tool works on a wide range of soils to quickly break down even the heaviest stubble and stalks. Features that help ramp up the aggressiveness of the new True-Tandem 335 Barracuda include:

  • The ability to run at 6 to 9 miles per hour for higher-speed, higher-productivity soil management. At 8 mph and 85 percent efficiency, a 34-foot machine can cover 28 acres per hour
  • A rugged, pull-through frame that balances weight distribution over tough, fast-changing conditions
  • 22-inch, crimp center Earth Metal blades engineered using a unique process and steel formula to prevent brittleness and elasticity, making blades stronger and more durable
  • An 18-degree gang angle matched to each blade’s shallow concavity that provides thorough soil mixing without causing backside blade compaction like competitive designs.
  • Front and rear gangs and blades that are properly indexed to one another, providing an even surface finish and a more-even subsurface floor than most other vertical tillage tools and high-speed disks
  • Hydraulically adjustable TigerPaw Crumbler® rolling reel, which helps produce more uniform clod sizing, soil partial stratification and residue distribution.
  • The ability to retrofit the Barracuda blade to Case IH True-Tandem 330 Turbo or 335VT models.

The True-Tandem 335 Barracuda is available in working widths from 22 to 34 feet to match most tractors. Whether during spring or fall, you can use the unit alone or in combination with other tillage operations. Talk with your Case IH dealer about how the Barracuda can help you achieve soil conditions ideal for uniform crop emergence.



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